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Segoura Fine Art - Dossier de presse

The Galerie Segoura stand will be showcasing the treasures of 18th and 19th century European painting (by French, Belgian, Italian and Spanish painters). The gallery is keen to showcase 18th-century paintings, and will be exhibiting four works by Charles-François Lacroix, known as LACROIX de MARSEILLE (Marseille 1700-1782 Berlin), a major 18th-century painter renowned for his detailed seascapes, and a sublime Portuguese harbour landscape by Jean Pillement (1728-1808).  Eighteenth-century landscape painting is a major focus of the BRAFA exhibition, with works by Hubert Robert, known for his landscapes, architectural scenes, picturesque ruins and mysterious, evocative atmospheres. 

19th-century works include landscapes, genre scenes, portraits and Symbolist paintings. An extraordinary work, unknown to the art market and exhibited for the first time: Allégories de la Force et du Droit, c. 1872, by Charles Revel (1829-1888) or the struggle of Prussia overthrowing France during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Charles Revel illustrates the words given to the German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck: "Strength prevails over Law". He succeeded in sublimating the French defeat into a moral victory over an adversary caricatured by a carnivorous black eagle. Symbolism will also be represented by works by Jules Clarin, Nicolas-Auguste Laurens, Ange Supparo and others, as well as magnificent portraits by Franz-Xaver Winterhalter of the Countess Esher, the painter Aimée Brune-Pagès and Auguste Loustaunau. Finally, paintings depicting the Belle Époque and Parisian life: various portraits of Sarah Bernhardt, including one painted by Louise Abbema as an illustration...

BRAFA 2024 - Segoura Fine Art - Dossier de presse


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Specialising in paintings and works of arts of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Segoura Fine Art has being building up its reputation since 1945, becoming an important and ambitious presence in the art world. Continuing the family tradition, Marc Segoura is part of the third generation of antique dealers who uphold the values of excellence in the selection of paintings and works of art. He is proud to be surrounded by his two children, Laura and Romain Segoura. Together, they perpetuate this know-how acquired for over 80 years.

Founded : 2008


Paintings and works of art of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries


S.N.A. Syndicat National des Antiquaires Négociants en Objets d'Art Tableaux anciens et modernes de France, C.E.A. Compagnie des Experts en Antiquités et Objets d'Art, CEDEA Confédération Européenne des Experts d'Art


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