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BRAFA loves culture, and loves to share it !
BRAFA has joined forces with the non-profit association BIAPAL to organize these BRAFA ART TALKS. Daily at 4 pm, you are invited to attend a talk by a renowned art-world personality who specializes in curating or in the art market. They will take turns to share their knowledge and expertise on diverse and fascinating subjects. So many chances to discover artists, eras, artworks, famous art-world characters and to broaden your knowledge of art and the art market!

Download the BRAFA Art Talks program by clicking here

Daily at 4 pm at the Brafa Lounge - stand 51a



Collecting, a pleasure or a worry?

A panel discussion with art-market experts led by Marc Hemeleers, Associated Administrator at Eeckman Art & Insurance

If collecting constitutes the ultimate pleasure any art lover could imagine, it...


ROCAD.be: 100 Years of Dealing with Art

Conversation with Francis Maere, Chairman of ROCAD.be & art dealer and Olivier Theunissen, Vice-chairman of ROCAD.be & art dealer, conducted by Sophie Clauwaert, PR for ROCAD.be



Post-constructivism or the origins of Soviet Art Deco

By Kristina Krasnyanskaya, Curator, Head of the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art Trustees Board, corresponding member of the International Academy of Culture and Art, Heritage Gallery...


Rediscovery of Mad Meg (‘Dulle Griet’), masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

By Dominique Allart, Professor at and director of the Department of History of Art of Modern Times (15th – 18th century) at the University of Liège. Introduction by Guy van...


Bernard van Orley - Brussels and the Renaissance

By Dr. Véronique Bücken, Head of the Old Masters Painting section of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and Dr. Ingrid De Meûter, Curator of Tapestries and...


Peggy Guggenheim, a passion for collections

By Amélie d’Arschot, Lecturer and author

To evoke the more than tumultuous life of Peggy Guggenheim is to rekindle the greatest artistic movements of the 20th century. She who said ...


Pieter Bruegel - Most recent developments and discoveries

By Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink, General Director and Head Curator of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Antwerp

Bruegel year calls for a lecture by one of the internationally renowned specialists on...


New regulatory challenges for collectors

A panel discussion with art-market experts led by Clinton Howell, Chairman of CINOA, the leading international confederation of associations of art and antiques dealers

The challenges facing...


What makes a masterpiece?

By Christiane Struyven, Art historian and honorary lawyer

How to define a masterpiece today? Which criteria are applicable in our epoch? This talk shows and discusses 14 masterpieces from...