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BRAFA loves culture, and loves to share it !
Daily at 4 pm, a talk by a renowned art-world personality who specialize in curating or in the art market. BRAFA has joined forces with the non-profit association BIAPAL to organize these BRAFA ART TALKS. Curators, collectors and experts in the art market take turns to share their knowledge and expertise, covering subjects as diverse and fascinating as modern painting; the contemporary art world and its controversies; the story of the famous art dealer Angela Rosengart; innovative approaches to art conservation; masterpieces from the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, and non-European art…

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Daily at 4 pm at the Brafa Lounge - stand 51a



Angela Rosengart, a life devoted to art!

Conversation with Roger-Pierre Turine, art critic for La Libre Belgique.

Angela Rosengart, daughter of the internationally renowned art dealer Siegfried Rosengart (1894-1985), was a regular visitor of...


Matisse and the northern painters

By Dominique Szymusiak, Honorary Curator at the Matisse Museum of Cateau-Cambrésis 

Matisse was born on 31 December 1869 in Cateau-Cambrésis in northern France. Born in region...


Contemporary art: its excesses, scandals and success stories

Discussion led by Amid Faljaoui, director of the economic magazine Trends-Tendances and commentator on RTBF 

Euphemistically speaking, contemporary art causes a lot of ink to flow. Some authors...


An innovative approach to art conservation

By Leen Gysen, Managing Partner of IPARC (International Platform for Art Research and Conservation)

The lecture will analyse how environmental conditions such as light, temperature and relative humidity...


Léon Spilliaert, a captivating visionary

By Anne Adriaens-Pannier, Honorary Curator at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Artistic Director of Het Spilliaert Huis, Ostend

Léon Spilliaert (Ostend 1881-1946 Brussels) first revealed ...


Secrets of Old Paintings

By Usacheva Svetlana, Leading Researcher at the State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery has gathered together one of the world’s largest collections of Russian art. Today, it presents a ...


Oceania, Travels through the Immensity

By Nicolas Cauwe, Curator of the Prehistoric and Oceanic collections at the Royal Museums of Art and History and of the exhibition ‘Oceania’

Oceania was one of the last areas discovered...


The art of the Wunderkammer: when Marco Polo meets Indiana Jones

A discussion with specialists led by Thijs Demeulemeester, journalist for SABATO, Weekend Knack and author of ‘Wunderkammer: an exotic journey through time’

Curiosity cabinets...


Magritte, Broodthaers & Contemporary Art

By Michel Draguet, General Director of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium 

Fifty years after his death, René Magritte still fascinates us. Mysterious and interrogative, his work...