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BRAFA loves culture, and loves to share it !
In the context of ‘BRAFA in the Galleries’, we invite you to livestream four fascinating talks given by participating gallery owners. These talks will take place on Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January 2021 at 6 PM (CET).
Register now via the link under the presentation text of each talk.



Le marché de l’art aujourd’hui : situation et perspectives

Interview de Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke, Président de la BRAFA, par Christophe Dosogne, Rédacteur en Chef et Editorialiste de l'édition francophone de COLLECT Arts Antiques...


De kunstmarkt, vandaag en morgen

Interview met Francis Maere, Ondervoorzitter van BRAFA en Voorzitter van, door Els Bracke, Hoofdredacteur van de Nederlandstalige editie van COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions en hoofdredacteur van de...


The manuscript of the Battle of Austerlitz dictated and corrected by Napoleon I

By Alizée Raux, Galerie Arts & Autographes (Paris)

TALK given in French

Founded in 1975 and located now in Paris, the gallery Arts et Autographes is strongly specialized in historical...


The Art of Gandhāra

By Christophe Hioco, Galerie Hioco (Paris)

TALK given in French

The Christophe Hioco Gallery specializes in the ancient statuary art of India and the Indianized world, including Southeast Asia and the...


Encounters and friendships with the CoBrA Masters

By Peter Femfert, Gallery owner and Elke Mohr, Gallery director DIE GALERIE (Frankfurt am Main)

TALK given in ENG

DIE GALERIE, founded by Peter Femfert in 1979, is devoted to the most significant 20th...