19 – 26 JUNE 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



12 Rue des Beaux-Arts

FR-75006 Paris

t. +33 (0)1 40 29 97 52



Galerie La Forest Divonne is a contemporary art gallery founded in Paris in 1988 by Marie-Hélène de La Forest Divonne. In 2016 a second space was opened in Brussels by her son, Jean de Malherbe, under a spectacular Art Deco glass-ceiling, behind an iconic Victor Horta building. It is now two generations of gallerists who build an independent line of international artists, whose practices cover all plastic expressions: from historical figures such as Lucien Hervé for photography, Vincent Bioulès or Alexandre Hollan for painting, to mid-career artists such as Jeff Kowatch, Guy de Malherbe and Catherine François. The work of younger artists such as Tinka Pittoors, David Décamp or the photographic duo Elsa & Johanna is also promoted by the gallery. Since 1988, Galerie La Forest Divonne has produced over 300 exhibitions. It has also participated in major art fairs around the world, such as BRAFA, The Biennale des Antiquaires, Art Brussels, Art Paris, Paris Photo or Expo Chicago.

Founded : 1989


Contemporary art


C.P.G.A. Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art, B.U.P.


Art Brussels, Art on Paper Brussels, Drawing Now Paris, Expo Chicago, La Biennale Paris, BAD+, Paris Photo, Art Paris