23 - 30 JANUARY 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !


Dalton Somaré - Press release

For the 2022 edition of BRAFA, the Dalton Somaré Gallery will present 19 haute époque African Art sculptures from European and Americans collections as a look at the primitivist roots of the Western art of the 20th century and Contemporary. Among them an important Dogon N'duleri Maternity, 17th-18th century, representation of an ancestral mother to whom the geometric accuracy of the forms confers detachment and solemnity... Pictures available on demand. 

Dalton Somaré - BRAFA 2022 Press release



Tomaso & Gerolamo Vigorelli

Via Borgonuovo 5

IT-20121 Milan

t. +39 02 890 96 173 | m. +39 347 469 87 45 | m. +39 338 108 65 40

info@daltonsomare.com | www.daltonsomare.com


For over 25 years the Dalton Somaré gallery has offered art enthusiasts the chance to explore important African sculpture and Indo-Buddhist ancient art and to discover their relevance to 21st century artistic practice. This international gallery is based in the centre of Milan, one of Europe's most cosmopolitan, stylish and artistic European capitals. Dalton Somaré invites art lovers to join them on an adventure into new aesthetic languages, attracting collectors who seek works of historical and cultural depth and who are open to a contemporary take on collecting. Their selection of the most rare and high quality works of art combined with their refined eclecticism, makes Dalton Somaré one of the most dynamic galleries present on the international art scene.

Founded : 1993


African art and ancient art of Asia


F.I.M.A. Federazione Italiana Mercanti d'Arte, Associazione Antiquari Milanesi


Parcours des Mondes - Paris, Cultures - The World Arts Fair - Brussels, BRUNEAF - Brussels, AMART, Milano