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Mr E.J.M. Douwes Senior and Junior

Johannes Vermeerstraat 15-HS

NL-1071 DK Amsterdam

t. +31 (0)20 664 63 62 | m. +31 (0)6 54 24 24 29 |


Douwes Fine Art Ltd., London


t. +31 (0)20 664 63 62 |


The Douwes Fine Art Gallery and Restoration Workshop were established in 1770 and registered in 1805 under Napoleon. Possibly the oldest single family art business in the world, Douwes is now in the hands of the eighth and ninth generations, with headquarters in Amsterdam and galleries in London. They cover five centuries of painting, sculpture and works on paper, with a particular focus on Flemish, Dutch, French, Russian and Chinese cultures. Douwes is a leading expert in original lifetime Rembrandt prints. The internationally-renowned company also provides research services, valuations for insurance and probate, art lectures, and advice on consignment, purchases and sales. Their restoration team is employed by museums and collectors. Douwes Fine Art prides itself on offering each new generation of its global clientele a complete and professional service.

Founded : 1770


Paintings, works on paper and sculptures


K.V.H.O.K. Koninklijke Vereeniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst in Nederland, Art Restorers Association, C.I.N.O.A. Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art, Restauratoren Nederland, S.L.A.D. The Society of London Art Dealers


Art Nocturne Knokke, Fine Art Asia - Hong Kong, Art Breda, TEFAF Maastricht, PAN Amsterdam