Brafa discovery tour

Brafa wishes to offer all visitors the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a selection of artworks with fascinating stories.
With BRAFA Discovery Tours, visitors can wander through the fair in an interactive way with their phone.

How it works
1. Make sure your phone connection is optimal (Wifi/Mobile Data)
2. Check on the map to see where you can find the works
3. Go to the galleries and scan the QR Code next to the artworks to discover their stories


françois xavier lalanne

"La double Tourterelle", circa 1999

Stand 3

Galerie Mathivet


Guardian Figure

Stand 7

Dalton Somaré

auguste herbin

Maisons au Quai Vert, Bruges, 1906

Stand 19

Stern Pissarro Gallery

nkishi statue

Songye, 19th century

Stand 24

Serge Schoffel - Art Premier

sebastiano del piombo

Ecce Homo

Stand 27

Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art

pieter huys

The Temptation of St. Anthony

Stand 30

De Jonckheere

george minne

Large man kneeling at the fountain, 1938

Stand 32

Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke

fabrice monteiro

My Uncle

Stand 34

Claes Gallery

piero fornasetti

'Uccelli' folding screen, 1953

Stand 35

Gokelaere & Robinson

charles topino

Half-moon chest of drawers, Period Louis XVI

Stand 49

Franck Anelli Fine Art

alexander calder

The Red Crescent, 1969

Stand 67

Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie

elisabeth de saedeleer

Handknotted Rug

Stand 68

N. Vrouyr

seyni awa camara

Grandmotherhood, 2022

Stand 89


pierre paulin

Water lily bowl

Stand 92

Galerie Pascal Cuisinier

nam june paik

Robot Child, 1989

Stand 95

Guy Pieters Gallery

james rosenquist

Detail of Eau de Robot, 1981-1984

Stand 111

Galerie Jean-François Cazeau

summer wheat

Jelly Beans, 2022

Stand 122

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery

koloman moser

Vase, 1902

Stand 129

Florian Kolhammer