Galerie Christophe Gaillard - Highlights

Established in Paris in 2007, Galerie Christophe Gaillard is delighted to highlight the recent inauguration of our Brussels gallery in September of 2023. Galerie Christophe Gaillard has been not only been serving as a platform for emerging artists, but represents renowned figures in contemporary art too. Furthermore, the gallery seeks to elevate the relevance of established artists spanning the 1960s to the 1990s by closely collaborating with the estates. By participating in BRAFA 2024 - marking our debut in this art fair - our aim is to offer Belgian audiences an insight into the gallery's distinctive identity. We achieve this by fostering meaningful dialogues between the gallery’s different axes, showcasing the diverse artistic expressions that define Galerie Christophe Gaillard. We will present works by Éric Baudart, Bina Baitel, Stéphane Couturier, Hélène Delprat, Julien des Monstiers, Marina Gadonneix, Tetsumi Kudo, Georges Noël, Richard Nonas, Germaine Richier, Ursula Schultze-Bluhm, Ceija Stojka, Pierre Tal Coat, Philippe Vandenberg, Franz West...

Tetsumi Kudo (Japan, 1935-1990)
Cage et Oiseau / Miroir, 1976  
Plastic flower, metal cage, mirror, bird, electronic components, earth, resin, glue, cellulose, paint and wooden base 
H 37.5 x W 20 x D 11 cm
Signed on the bottom 


Galerie de la Béraudière - Surrealist highlights

Cette année 2024, anniversaire de la publication du premier Manifeste du surréalisme par André Bréton, marque les 100 ans de ce mouvement artistique et littéraire qui trouve ses racines dans le dadaïsme et qui a profondément influencé la création artistique du XX siècle. La Galerie de la Béraudière a toujours centré son intérêt sur les avant-gardes du XXe siècle, avec un intérêt particulier pour le Surréalisme. C’est donc avec un plaisir particulier que, lors de la BRAFA 2024, une belle sélection d’œuvres majeures des maîtres surréalistes sera présentée sur notre stand. René Magritte, Max Ernst et André Masson seront mis à l’honneur parmi d’autres artistes de différentes inspirations, dans un dialogue éclectique et enrichissant...


Galerie La Forest Divonne - Highlights

Galerie La Forest Divonne presents two great painters of Hungarian origin: Alexandre Hollan and Jeff KowatchAlexandre Hollan concentrates on two unique subjects: the trees he spends all summer painting, and the still lifes (his «Vie Silencieuse») he paints in winter, in the silence of his studio... Jeff Kowatch has developed a colourist’s style marked by the great American abstractionists, from Mark Rothko to Brice Marden, and, in terms of technique, by the great Flemish painters, Rembrandt in particular, whose linseed oil recipes he has re-appropriated, giving his painting a particular effect of depth and transparency, typical of the glazes of the North. Aside these two contemporary masters, who have the rare quality of stopping time to touch a deep and universal emotion, the gallery highlights the fascinating furniture of two sculptor-designer: François Cante Pacos and Gerard Kuijpers. French artist, born in 1946, François Cante Pacos is a painter, sculptor and designer. In the 1970s, he designed furniture for Pierre Cardin and created the acronym for his famous «Espace», where the great couturier regularly exhibited his work... Born in 1962, Gerard Kuijpers is a Flemish artist, sculptor and designer based in Mechelen. He is renowned for his pure use of stone and steel. He transforms the most massive and crude of materials into an almost featherweight...


Galerie Jean-François Cazeau - Highlights

Galerie Jean-François Cazeau, based in the Marais district of Paris since 2009, builds bridges between the Modern Masters and post-war on both sides of the Atlantic, while opening up to contemporary art. This year, for its sixth participation in BRAFA, the gallery is presenting an  exhibition that highlighting the links between the avant-gardes of the first part of the 20th century and Post-War, while remaining true to its characteristic eclecticism...

Pablo Picasso (Malaga 1881-1973 Mougins)
Jacqueline au chapeau noir (Tête de femme), 16 mars 1962, Mougins
Linocut in colours on cream Arches wove paper
Image: 64 x 52.7 cm
Sheet: 75.2 x 62 cm
Signed 'Picasso' by the artist lower right and inscribed 'épreuve d'artiste' lower left
Published at 50 copies by Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris in 1963
Printed by Hidalgo Arnera, Vallauris
Provenance: Galerie Louise Leiris, Paris; Private collection, France


Stern Pissarro Gallery - Highlights

Every year Stern Pissarro Gallery brings exciting new works by Christo, an artist that is well collected throughout Europe. Depicting his extraordinary Central Park installation, this particular example is an impressive work by Christo with undeniable wall-power. It features the original saffron fabric used throughout the project, giving the work a textured, threedimensional appearance...


DIE GALERIE - Highlights

Since 2015, the Frankfurt am Main-based gallery DIE GALERIE presents a programme at the BRAFA Art Fair that reflects the three pillars of its work: selected pieces by the masters of modern art, this time with a prominent focus on the sculptural work of Max Ernst; a first-class selection of paintings and works on paper by CoBrA artists; the expressive paintings of contemporary German artist Johannes Heisig and, with Louise Nevelson and Karl Otto Götz, two different abstract counter-positions from 20th century art...

Max Ernst (Brühl 1891-1976 Paris)
La forêt, 1925
Oil on canvas
100 x 81 cm


Repetto Gallery - Highlights

An imaginary journey from the metaphysical atmospheres of the great master Giorgio de Chirico, through the natural and urban landscapes wrapped by Christo, to the chromatic materiality of Bram Bogart's sculptures and the immersive scenes depicted by Salvo. For Brafa 2024, Repetto Gallery proposes an important selection that, in addition to the artists mentioned above, includes some of the greatest artists of the 20th century...


Baronian - Highlights

Michèle Frère (Belgian, 1961-1999)
Untitled, 1996
Oil on paper mounted on canvas
80 x 120 cm
Private collection, Belgium
Characterized by sedimentations and superimpositions of layers of paint, Michel Frère’s work allies opacity and light. His work transforms reality, sweeping away figurative elements with matter...


N. Vrouyr - Highlights 2024

The Amsterdamse School deeply influenced the revival of the Dutch textile industry on the eve of WWI. Creativity and craftsmanship explored new possibilities and launched refreshing trends. The projects were closely inspired by nature and often produced stylized floral designs. Although one cannot deny there is an obvious link with the other European schools, the Dutch style is very easy to recognize...
Jaap Gidding (Rotterdam, 10 May 1887 - Hillegersberg, 23 April 1955) was a Dutch designer. He was active as a draughtsman, painter, glass painter, wall painter, decoration painter (of interiors), ceramicist, goldsmith, jewelry designer, interior designer, monumental artist, textile artist, and maker of mosaic...


Galerie Flak - Press kit

KATSINA CALLING, Hopi ritual figures of Arizona, Ancient Arts of North America 
For hundreds of years, atop the mesas of Arizona, masked and costumed dancers have gathered week after week on the plaza - the large rectangular central square of the Hopi village - to pray for rain and germination. They represent Kachina spirits or 'katsina' (plural katsinam), a term signifying both wooden figurine, masked dancer, and deity. Objects of tradition and of education, tools to remember and works of art in their own right, katsina dolls give vibrant testimony to the traditions and secret beliefs of Native Americans of the Southwest...
Since the early 20th century, illustrious predecessors such as the Surrealists around André Breton or Max Ernst, as well as Claude Lévi-Strauss, André Malraux, or Jacques Lacan, have all fallen under the spell of these polychrome wooden dolls. In turn, these pioneers have passed on their passion to entire generations of collectors. Thus, katsinam have remained, since their discovery over a hundred years ago, an endless source of dreams, poetry, and inspiration...
20 years in the making, this exhibition entitled 'Katsina Calling' presents an exceptional collection of several dozen antique Katsina dolls dating from the 1880s to the 1930s...
Cross Crown, Four-Corner Cloud, Nahoile-chiwakopachoki Katsina doll, Hopi, Arizona, Carved cottonwood, natural pigments, Circa 1910s or earlier, H 32 cm, Ex collection George Everett Shaw, Colorado