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Fernand Léger: An artistic Odyssey in tapestries and succesful collaboration with Aubusson workshop
Fernand Léger, a key figure in twentieth-century art, left an indelible mark on the world of modern art. His bold artistic exploration, fusing cubism and abstraction, extended far beyond painting to embrace textile art. His collaborations with the Aubusson tapestry workshop led to the creation of five emblematic works: : La Grande Parade, Les Constructeurs, Composition murale, Le Bonheur et Composition à la coquille. The exhibition of Fernand Léger's tapestries in Aubusson is much more than just an artistic presentation. It's a celebration of the collaboration between a visionary artist and talented craftsmen. It's a celebration of the collaboration between a visionary artist and talented craftsmen, a meeting between contemporary art and the age-old traditions of textile craftsmanship. It offers visitors a rare opportunity to admire these iconic works in all their splendour, metamorphosed in a new way. metamorphosed into tapestries of exceptional artistic and technical quality.

BRAFA 2024 - Galerie Hadjer - Ensemble de tapisseries de Fernand Léger



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Founded in 1966 in Paris in the prestigious district of Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Galerie Hadjer, specialised in the art of antique and modern tapestries, is represented by Emmanuelle and David Hadjer, the third generation. In 2010, they opened the modern and post-war department to offer a collection of the greatest tapestry masters of the twentieth century: Alexander Calder, Le Corbusier, Sonia Delaunay, Alberto Giacometti, Hans Hartung, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Jesús-Rafael Soto and Victor Vasarely, amongst others. The gallery currently displays pieces of art from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, chosen with passion and rigour, helps to constitute large private collections, and collaborates with major museums around the world.


Antique and modern tapestries