24 JAN - 31 JAN | 2021





24 JAN - 31 JAN | 2021







The Grusenmeyer Gallery opened in Brussels in 1980 and is now run by the second generation of a family of antiques dealers, represented by Karim and Isabelle Grusenmeyer. Working in association with Damien Woliner since January 2016, the gallery focuses on quality and diversity. Specializing in sculpture, archaeology, jewellery and decorative arts from South-East Asia, China and India, the gallery prides itself on its eclectic mix of pieces that reflect diverse cultures. Particular attention is given to the background and aesthetic interest of each work. The gallery’s clients include museum curators, specialist collectors, professionals, interior designers and art lovers. Karim Grusenmeyer is a member of the Royal Chamber of Antiques and Fine Art Dealers of Belgium and the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts. Karim and Isabelle Grusenmeyer are founding members of ‘5 Continents Editions’, created in Milan in 2002 by Eric Ghysels. Publications include: ‘Spirals of Ancestors’, 2003; ‘Gods and Ancestors – Sculptural Art from Asia’, 2007; ‘The Ancestor Transcends – Sculptural Art from Asia and Oceania’, 2008; ‘A World of Sculptures’, 2016. You can keep up with the gallery’s news and recent acquisitions at www.grusenmeyer-woliner.com.

Founded : 1992


C.B.E.O.A Chambre Belge des Experts en Oeuvres d´Art


Asian Arts Brussels, Brussels Art Square




Rue des Minimes 17
BE-1000 Brussels


+32 (0)475 47 57 29


Wim Weijland's coup de coeur at BRAFA 2019

At the international BRAFA Art Fair 2019, Wim Weijland, director of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) in Leiden, presents his 'coup de coeur' at the stand of Grusenmeyer - Woliner of Brussels (video in NL/EN; subtitles available).

The Roman life-sized sculpture of the Goddess Athena dates back to the 1st century BC and is based on a 5th century BC Greek original, delicately worked out of fine marble from Prokonnêssos with an impressive hight of 137 cm.

BRAFA takes place at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, from 26 January - 3 February, 2019. More information at www.brafa.art

Video by Biapal

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