23 - 30 JANUARY 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !


Founded by Adrian Mibus in 1973, Whitford Fine Art is a quintessential family business that offers private clients and museums almost fifty years of experience. The gallery has recently left its long-term premises in Duke Street, St. James’s and is now operating by appointment from neighbouring Knightsbridge. During the 1980s, the gallery traded as Whitford and Hughes and supported the Belgian movements of Luminism and Expressionism. Whilst dealing in 20th century movements, including French Cubism, Modernism, Pop Art and International Post-War painting and sculpture, Whitford Fine Art has always been at the forefront of discovery. The gallery operates along art historical criteria and were early defenders of artists such as Bram Bogart, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Joseph Lacasse and Clive Barker. Lately the gallery has rediscovered 1950s British Abstract Expressionist Frank Avray Wilson, and early 1960s Zero artist Reinhold Koehler. The gallery has been entrusted several Estates, including those of Caziel, Joseph Lacasse and Reinhold Koehler.

Founded : 1973


20th century paintings, drawings and sculptures


S.L.A.D. The Society of London Art Dealers, ROCAD.be (Royal Chamber of Art dealers), C.I.N.O.A. Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art


Masterpiece London, Eye of the Collector – London