Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



Kasteel van Melle | Brusselsesteenweg 190

BE-9090 Melle

m. +32 (0)475 75 30 00 | m. +1 310 424 0771 |


Edouard de Potter d'Indoye is passionate about unique and original things. For twenty-five years, he has attached the greatest importance to the consistency of the quality of works of art from the eighteenth century and the 1st Empire which he presents at many prestigious Belgian and Dutch fairs. The de Potter d'Indoye Gallery receives its international clientele in the magnificent setting of an ancestral home, a veritable showcase for its collection of the Parisian Empire. At the Château de Melle, the enlightened art collector has brought together a selection of very high-quality works of art signed by the greatest artists, craftsmen and creators of this period. The art dealer has been immersed in this universe since his childhood and speaks incomparably about the touch and scent produced by these magnificent pieces which have a soul.

Founded : 1995


Furniture, works of art and paintings from the Empire period and from the end of the 18th century

Associations (Royal Chamber of Art dealers)


Art Nocturne Knokke, Art Breda