23 - 30 JANUARY 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



Piazza San Marco 69

IT-30124 Venice

t. +39 041 52 25 733

info@nardi-venezia.com | www.nardi-venezia.com


Nardi is widely recognised as one of the most exclusive jewellers, famous for its elegance, originality and truly Venetian style. Nardi jewels embody the spirit of Venice, and the collection encapsulates the charm and elegance the city is famous for. The company’s love of precious gems and passion for goldsmiths' work is reflected in each piece. These jewels can be either worn or collected and are often hand-crafted or custom-made for individual clients. Many famous names have patronised Nardi over the years, from the royal families of Spain and Greece, to Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Hutton, Joe di Maggio and Elton John. The shop in Piazza San Marco, with its five beautifully dressed windows, was first opened in the 1920s. Its interior is decorated with refined furnishings, fine Venetian brocades, classic works of art and elegant displays, all of which make it a unique place to visit. Today, Nardi continues to be an iconic destination for jewellery lovers.

Founded : 1928


Jewels in gold set with gemstones


Associazione Piazza San Marco, Save Venice