Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke

Keith Haring & LA 2 (friend of Haring called Angel Ortiz)
They frequently collaborate and this work is mainly from Keith Haring
Painting on wood
200 x 88 cm
Signed by both artists
With certificate from Keith Haring foundation

An oil (graffiti) on panel by Keith Haring in collaboration with LA. This work was created in 1983 by Keith Haring and Angel Ortiz (LA) to decorate the Fiorucci boutique in Milan. Keith Haring was interested in the writing/graphics of LA2 (Angel Ortiz). Most of the Haring/LA2 collaborative paintings were a challenge between tradition and graffiti/tagging. On this work Haring signed with his typical street signature. It's a "K" that looks like a pink star in the bottom right-hand corner. The figure is a kind of spirit or angel wearing a crown, a reference to Jean Michel Basquiat, for whom the crown represented the perfection of black American boxers. The dexterity and lightness of the spray-painting and the circle of the head are also references to perfection. Basquiat would have loved to work with Fiorucci on this project, which is why Haring represents him with the crown. The "day glow" paint was only used by Keith on this piece on the right-hand side. It is admitted that Angel Ortiz under the name of LARock was only involved in the two signatures and the blue line in the form of waves. We can see that Angel Ortiz used a dripping technique. Keith Haring also did this. It was a signature and a form of respect for street taggers who, like Keith and Angel, didn't have the privilege of working with a prestigious brand like Fiorucci. After the project, the panels customised by Angel and Keith were displayed in the Banco Popolare in Milan. These works were inspired by Fiorucci but were produced as individual pieces. They were framed by Keith Haring himself, and it was important for Gianni Mercurio to have reproduced these works in the catalogue "La triennale", which is the most important exhibition of Keith Haring's work ever.