Marc Heiremans

Fulvio Bianconi (Padua 1915-1996 Milan)
Pezzame (aka Spicchi) vase for Venini, Murano, 1951
Free-blown and hand-formed colorless glass with applied fused glass pieces
H 22.5 x W 20.5 cm
Provenance: Private collection, Sweden
Literature: Domus 272, August 1952; Bossaglia R. I vetri di Fulvio Bianconi, Allemandi 1993, n° 36; Heiremans M. Art glass from Murano 1910-1970. Arnoldsche 1993, n° 221 p. 268; Deboni F. Venini glass, Allemandi 1996, n° 109; Barovier M./Sonego C. Fulvio Bianconi at Venini, Skira 2015, p. 178
Exhibitions: IX Triennale di Milano in 1951; XXIV Biennale di Venezia 1952
Fulvio Bianconi at Venini, Venice 2015

Elegant and rare vase that hardly ever comes on the market and, judging by the stamp, early design. This piece was one of Bianconi's first more commercially oriented designs for Venini after a series of anthropomorphic vases (way ahead of their time) between 1949 and 1951. The main feature of this second wave was the introduction of strongly contrasting colour combinations, something which had never been used on Murano glass before but eagerly widely adopted afterwards...