Romigioli Antichità

Giovanni Baratta (Italy, 1670-1747)
Pair of cherubs, 1699
Carrara marble
H 72 cm
Fragment recovered from the lost high altar of Santa Trinita in Florence, studied by Francesco Freddolini
Provenance: Florence, Church of Santa Trinita until 1892
Literature: Francesco Freddolini, Journal of visual art Predella n° 53, June 2023

Pair of large (H 72 cm) and splendid statuary marble Cherubs by Giovanni Baratta (Carrara 1670 - 1747), they are the best expression of Florentine Baroque. Baratta, an artist of European fame, worked not only for the clergy but also for the most important Florentine aristocracy, including the Medici family. The two Cherubim are of historical and artistic significance because of their provenance; in fact, they are the only surviving element of the altar in the Santa Trinita church in Florence, the original location of Cimabue's Maestà. Their large size is obviously due to the fact that they were placed at the highest part of the altar and are portrayed in the act of kissing each other.