19 – 26 JUNE 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



Cockerillkaai 16

BE-2000 Antwerp

m. +32 (0)477 33 74 61

jos.jamar@pandora.be | www.galeriejamar.be


There are hardly any demarcated styles or movements in contemporary art. This mixing of genres has meant that the familiar ‘-isms’ of the last century are no longer sufficient. The transition from modern to contemporary art has produced an artistic landscape characterised by overlaps and revivals. As a gallery owner, Jos Jamar has always collected work by transition artists such as Léon Spilliaert, James Ensor, Marcel Broodthaers and Pierre Alechinsky. But Panamarenko, Jan Fabre and Jef Geys have each influenced the development of contemporary art in their own way. In a way, they belong to both eras too. Panamarenko and Alechinsky are ‘classics’ of contemporary art, while Spilliaert and Ensor are the early forerunners. In my choice of artists I have always paid attention to the combination of quality and intelligence. An artist must not only produce aesthetic beauty, but must also have a strong content. Only by consistently adhering to this vision you can maintain the high quality of a collection. And by bridging the gap between modern and contemporary art, this collection can appeal to a wide audience.

Founded : 1989


Modern and contemporary art