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Gallery Sofie Van de Velde - Conceptbooth

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Gallery Sofie Van de Velde is proud to present a selecting group presentation including both artworks from represented artists, as well as their historical predecessors and sources of inspiration. It is apparent that contemporary artists freely draw inspiration from historical and modern era, without being restricted by an idea of a linear development in the contemporary art discourse. Bringing together the work of Pieter Jennes, Felix De Clercq, Karin Hanssen, Jesse Tomballe and Charline Tyberghein with Contant Permerke, Kurt Switters, Jean Brusselmans, Bram Bogaert and Eline Rausenberg, aims to highlight the cross referential nature of the contemporary practices represented by Gallery Sofie Van de Velde. If everything has already been done, a statement which is often proclaimed within the arts, this curated presentation aims to highlight the unrestricted possibilities this brings to dynamically combine various eras of artistic production.