Die BRAFA bietet Ihnen Gelegenheit, Ihr Kunstwissen zu erweitern: Täglich finden am Stand der König-Baudouin-Stiftung die BRAFA Art Talks zu spannenden und vielfältigen Themen statt. Bekannte Persönlichkeiten aus der Kunstwelt, Ausstellungs- und Museumskurator*innen sowie Kunstmarktexpert*innen teilen hier ihr reichhaltiges Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen – und schenken Ihnen tiefe Einblicke in Werke, Künstler*innen, Epochen und den Kunstmarkt.

Vom 28. Januar bis 04. Februar 2024 täglich um 16 Uhr, außer am 29. Januar.
Veranstaltungsort ist der Stand n°137 der König-Baudouin-Stiftung.



Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen: rethinking the permanent exhibition

By Hannah Thijs, Head of Collections & Exhibitions

In 2022-2023, Museum Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen underwent a thorough restoration of the exterior of the building. The sixteenth-century city palace was forced to close its doors temporarily and took the opportunity to renew the permanent exhibition. A public survey was used to investigate visitors' experience of the museum and identify areas for improvement. Based on these results, the museum set to work on a renewed permanent display. Head of Collection & Exhibitions at Museum Hof van Busleyden, Hannah Thijs, explains the challenges the museum faced in this project, the choices that were made and the points of attention that guided the new concept and design.

Language of the talk: English
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with CODART, international network for curators of art from the Low Countries


Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). From clear dawn to the end of the day.

By Camille Brasseur, Director of the Paul Delvaux Foundation

The lecture will trace the development of Paul Delvaux's work throughout his different periods and up to the emergence of his own style. It will be an opportunity to highlight the recurrence of themes dear to the artist and to establish links between the little-known early works and the masterpieces. This itinerary is an invitation to discover both the work and the man, since they are intrinsically linked.

Language of the talk: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with the Paul Delvaux Foundation


More than the eye can see

By David Lainé, Senior partner painting conservation & research, IPARC

The past two decades have seen rapid developments in technologies for conducting technical art research. These non-invasive tools that acquire data which cannot be acquired by visual inspection alone and seek for answers to questions of authenticity, authentication, dating and art history, can also be highly relevant to art conservation and restoration. This talk will take you through a couple of these techniques based on a number of case studies such as the two masterpieces ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus’ by the Flemish Primitive artist Dieric Bouts.

Language of the talk: NL
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with IPARC, International Platform for Art Research and Conservation


Patronage for heritage preservation and social entrepreneurship - Pasfoundation

By Ann Van Laere - Notary & Chairman Pasfoundation and Mathi Gijbels - Chairman Gijbels Groep & Partner Pasfoundation

The King Baudouin Foundation has a generous interest in art and heritage, as do major patrons such as Thomas Neirynck. As part of Pasfoundation, a growing number of entrepreneurs are joining forces to purchase and preserve the works of Belgian artists as an exceptional heritage for future generations. In this way, entrepreneurs are acting together as patrons of the arts, and 'giving to safeguard Belgian art' has become a special form of social entrepreneurship. During this Art Talk, Ann Van Laere, notary and president of Pasfoundation, will engage in a dialogue with Mathi Gijbels, an entrepreneur with a passion for art who sees Pasfoundation as building a bridge to sustainable art conservation, whilst simultaneously creating a link with the business world. The president, Ann Van Laere, will also describe the workings of the King Baudouin Foundation, into which ‘the example of Thomas Neirynck’ fits perfectly.  The idea is that heritage can also shine outside museums. A story by and for art-loving entrepreneurs!

Language of the talk: Dutch
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with PASFOUNDATION, Private Art Support



Public/private collaborations in the visual arts sector

By Annick Schramme, full professor in cultural management and fashion management at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School; Liliana Turoiu - PhD UNArte University; Kim Oosterlinck, full professor of Finance at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB); Anne-Sophie V. Radermecker, Associate Professor (ULB, Department of History, Arts, and Archaeology, Cultural Management). The speakers will be presented by GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens, Secretary General of the European network on cultural management and policy, ENCATC and Gudrun Heymans, coordinator of the Creative Europe Culture Programme Desk Flanders

This BRAFA talk, organized by ENCATC, the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education, in partnerships with the University ULB - Université libre de Bruxelles, the University of Antwerp, the Creative Europe Culture Desk Vlaanderen, and Liliana Turoiu, will explore the exciting topic of public-private collaborations in the visual arts sector. The public will discover how synergies between public institutions (academia, museums, institutes…), private art market stakeholders (collectors, art fairs, dealers…) and artists can contribute to heritage preservation but also drive research innovation and foster creativity. They will discuss recent initiatives, highlighting the benefits but also the challenges of these collaborations in shaping and dynamising the visual arts sector.

Language of the talk: English
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with ENCATC, the European network on cultural management and policy


Where does the authenticity of a work of art begin and end?

By Eric Hemeleers, CEO Eeckman in dialogue with Marc Hemeleers, CEO Eeckman, Michel Draguet, High Commissioner for Federal Heritage, Nicolas Lemmens, Director Nicolas Lemmens Studio and Alain Berenboom, Lawyer

The authenticity of a work of art is a dynamic concept that evolves with time and perceptions. It encompasses both the artist's intention and the impact it has on the world around it. This authenticity begins with the creation of the work, when the artist imprints his or her personal vision and unique expression on the medium they have chosen. It manifests itself through the creative choices made, the technique used and the emotions conveyed by the work. But the process doesn't stop there. It continues through the history of the work, including its documentation, provenance and evidence of its existence and attribution. Authenticity is also closely linked to the interpretation and perception of the work by the public, as each observer may feel and interpret art in a different way. In this round table, we will explore these various aspects of authenticity, calling on experts in the field.

Language of the talk: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with Eeckman Art & Insurance


At the crossroads of AI and Art

By Amid Faljaoui, Director of Trends-Tendances and a business columnist at RTBF in dialogue with Doctor Laurent Alexandre, Doctor of Medicine, surgeon, author of 'LA GUERRE DES INTELLIGENCES', Guy van Wassenhove, Curator of the Baillet Latour Fund, Professor Jacques Englebert, Lawyer specialising in media law, Professor ULB and Louis de Diesbach, Solvay Brussels School and ethics & philosophy, ULB, technical ethicist, author

A number of questions have arisen regarding the repercussions of Artificial Intelligence in the art world. Amid Faljaoui, the Director of Trends-Tendances and a business columnist at RTBF, will chair an open, no-holds-barred debate about the impact of AI on artists and the artistic field. Creativity vs. Algorithm: Can AI really rival human ingenuity when it comes to art? Are algorithmic creations genuine or mere sophisticated imitations? Copyright in the digital age: How can artistic works be protected in a world in which reproduction and distribution have become commonplace thanks to AI? Redefining Art: Is AI challenging our traditional understanding of Art? The experts brought together by Amid Faljaoui will provide unique answers and perspectives to these burning questions.

Language of the talk: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137