Maurice Verbaet Gallery

Walter Leblanc (Antwerp 1932-1986 Silly)
Twisted Strings, 1962
Cotton threads and latex on cotton canvas
130 x 130 cm
Literature: Anouck Clissen & Camille Brasseur, Connexions one, Antwerp, Pandora Publishers, 2015, p. 46; Camille Brasseur, Collection Caroline & Maurice Verbaet, Paris, Selena éditions, 2016, p. 158; Christophe Duvivier & Camille Brasseur, Abstractions. Arts non figuratifs belges après 1945, Paris, Selena éditions, 2016, p. 68
Exhibitions: Maurice Verbaet Center, Antwerp, Private Choices n° 2, 8 September 2018; Maurice Verbaet Gallery, Knokke, Under construction, April 2019; Maurice Verbaet Gallery, Knokke, BRAFA in the galleries, 30 January-21 February 2021; Lieu d'Art et Action Contemporaine (LAAC), Dunkerque, Collection Maurice Verbaet 'Belgitudes', 2 April-9 September 2022

A painter and sculptor, Leblanc trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 1958, he was one of the founding members of G58, some of whose members he reunited with in the international group Nouvelle Tendance (1962). This period was decisive for Leblanc's work, which developed around key elements: light, space and movement. From 1959 onwards, With the Twisted Strings, Leblanc developed a founding element of his work: torsion. It became the central element that the work into a three-dimensional field. Twisted cotton threads are tied to the back of the canvas,
a form comes to life as an extension of the surface from which it emanates. The artist plays with tone on tone, and particularly white on white, conducive to luminous expansion. The heart of the lozenge in Twisted Strings (1962) is pierced by a mauve band that reinforces the radiant effect. The magic happens with finesse and subtlety when the surface comes alive with the flicker of the light that illuminates it. An exhibition devoted to the artist was held at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium from 8 March to 5 June 2011.
The Nicole and Walter Leblanc Foundation is located in Brussels.