BRAFA Art Talk on Paul Delvaux by Camille Brasseur

The 2024 BRAFA Art Fair edition was all about surrealism. With the Paul Delvaux Foundation as guest of honour, the fair programme included an Art Talk given by Camille Brasseur, Director of the Foundation Paul Delvaux Museum, on Tuesday 30 January 2024.

Speaking about "Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). From Clear Dawn to the End of the Day", the lecture traced the development of Paul Delvaux's work throughout his early periods up to the emergence of his own style. It was an excellent opportunity to highlight the recurrence of themes dear to the artist and to establish links between the little-known early works and the masterpieces. The itinerary is an invitation to discover both the work and the man, since they are intrinsically linked.

Tune in and enjoy the registration of this BRAFA Art Talk, organised in partnership with the Paul Delvaux Foundation.

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BRAFA Art Talk 2023 with Prof. Dr. Werner Adriaenssens on Art Nouveau

The 2 February 2023 BRAFA Art Talk was hosted by Prof Dr Werner Adriaenssens, Curator of 20th Century Collections, Museum Art & History, Brussels, who spoke about the King Baudouin Foundation's Art Nouveau collection. Art Nouveau is the first true Belgian style that reached its peak around 1900. It is associated with architecture and decorative arts. Its main representatives include Victor Horta, Paul Hankar, Henry van de Velde and Philippe Wolfers. In more than 20 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has built up an important collection of Belgian Art Nouveau masterpieces. Each artwork has a fascinating history that is explained in its historical context.

Talk given in French, English subtitles.
Registration by ZOOM Production.

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BRAFA Art Talk 2023 with Benjamin Zurstrassen: on the birth of Art Nouveau

At the BRAFA Art Talk of 31 January 2023, Benjamin Zurstrassen, curator of the Horta Museum, analysed the reasons for the emergence of Art Nouveau. The unprecedented artistic and architectural form of expression in Brussels around 1893 was highlighted in terms of its identity, contradictions and difference from the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain. The birthdays and names of the major architectural styles often conceal nuances, secrets and explanations that raise the question of what Art Nouveau actually was, its manifestations and its protagonists.

Talk given in French, English subtitles.
Registration by ZOOM Production.

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Как реставрировать Ван Эйка: вызов Гентского алтаря

Лекция Элен Дюбуа, главы проекта сохранения Гентского алтаря, Королевский Институт Культурного Наследия (KIK-IRPA), Брюссель. Лекция «Как реставрировать Ван Эйка: вызов Гентского алтаря» прошла в Резиденции Посла Королевства Бельгия в Москве 12 ноября 2019 года. Событие организовано Брюссельской ярмаркой искусства BRAFA и Посольством Королевства Бельгия в Москве при партнерстве с офисом по туризму Фландрии VISITFLANDERS. Ярмарка BRAFA предлагает массу возможностей для открытия авторов, эпох, произведений, важных деятелей искусства, а также позволяет расширить знания в области искусства и арт-рынка. Следующий выпуск BRAFA пройдет с воскресенья 26 января по воскресенье 2 февраля 2020 года в Брюсселе. www.brafa.art

На заставке использовано изображение: Mystic lamb, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent © www.lukasweb.be — Art in Flanders vzw photo Dominique Provost

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By Mathieu Deldicque, Cultural Heritage Curator at the Musée Condé, Domaine de Chantilly

The 500-year anniversary of Raphaël’s death is the perfect moment to rediscover the largest French collection of his works after the one held at the Louvre. The Condé Museum in Chantilly has the good fortune to have three important paintings and numerous drawings by the artist in its possession.

Each was acquired by the greatest French collector of the 19th century, Henri d’Orléans, the Duke of Aumale, who deeply admired Raphaël. We now know much more about not only his motivation for collecting these artworks, but also the way he obtained them, the intermediaries he employed and the competition he faced. Since their acquisition, and even now as an exhibition is being prepared for spring 2020, the treasures of Chantilly keep revealing their secrets.

The Duke of Aumale was unaware, for example, that a third painting by the artist was hiding in his collection: it was not in the Getty collection but in Chantilly that the original Madonna of Loreto was discovered in the 1970s! The story of this revelation will be followed by an account of more recent discoveries that have been made about the paintings and drawings by Raphaël held at Chantilly.

Video by Biapal

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Conversation with Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson is an American playwright, artist and collector
Conversation conducted by Christiane Struyven, Art Historian and honorary lawyer

During this conversation, Robert Wilson shares his experiences in theatre and the visual arts. Born in Waco, Texas, Robert Wilson is one of the world’s foremost theatre and visual artists. His works for the stage are unconventional, integrating a wide variety of artistic media, including dance, movement, light, sculpture, music and text. Aesthetically striking and emotionally charged, his images and productions have been acclaimed by audiences and critics worldwide.

Having been educated at the University of Texas and Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, Robert Wilson founded the New York-based performance collective ‘The Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds’ in the mid-1960s, and developed his first signature works, including Deafman Glance (1970) and A Letter for Queen Victoria (1974-1975). He wrote the seminal opera Einstein on the Beach (1976) with Philip Glass. This talk was presented in partnership with the BERNIER/ELIADES Gallery in Brussels.

Language: ENG
Video produced by Matthieu Wolmark of BIAPAL

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Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution

By Till-Holger Borchert, Director of the Musea Brugge and Co-curator of the exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent
Language of the talk: ENG

In this talk, Till-Holger Borchert discussed the preparations and research underway for the largest Jan van Eyck exhibition ever. Only about twenty works by this Flemish master have been preserved worldwide. At least half of them travelled to Ghent in 2020 for the exhibition Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution at the Fine Arts Museum in Ghent that took place from 1 February until it had to close earlier than planned (30 April 2020) due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The masterpiece at the centre of the exhibition was without doubt the Retable of the Mystic Lamb which has undergone extensive study and restoration since 2012. In order to ensure visitors could fully appreciate Van Eyck’s revolutionary optical approach, his paintings were shown next to about a hundred works by great artists working at the same time as him from Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

This talk was organized in partnership with CODART, the international network of museum curators specialising in Flemish and Dutch painting. Till-Holger Borchert has been a member of CODART since 2001.

The video was produced by Matthieu Wolmark of the non-profit association Biapal.

Jan and Hubert van Eyck, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, 1432, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent © www.lukasweb.be - Art in Flanders vzw

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Keith Haring

By Darren Pih & Alberta Sessa, Curators of the Keith Haring retrospective at BOZAR (06/12/19 → 19/04/2020). Darren Pih is Curator at Tate Liverpool and Alberta Sessa is Curatorial Project Coordinator at BOZAR.
Language of the talk: ENG

On the occasion of an extensive retrospective organized by Tate Liverpool and presented by BOZAR, Darren Pih and Alberta Sessa will discuss the work of the iconic American artist and activist Keith Haring (1958-1990). The artist emerged as part of the vibrant New York art scene of the 1980s. He produced a large body of work: large-scale drawings and paintings, videos, collages, posters, painted objects and murals. He was actively engaged in various battles that targeted drugs, HIV/AIDS, apartheid and the nuclear arms race. Keith Haring believed that art truly should be for everyone. For him, the city streets and subways in New York City were legitimate spaces for showing art. In October 1986, Haring was invited to paint the west side of the Berlin Wall by a group monitoring human rights violations in East Germany. The result is a work depicting an interconnected chain of his signature figures in the colours of the German flag. An overt political statement, the mural is an ‘attempt to psychologically destroy the wall by painting it’.

Video produced by Matthieu Wolmark of Biapal.

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BRAFA Art Talk 2019 on Bernard van Orley - Brussels and the Renaissance

The BRAFA Art Talk of 30 January 2019 was held by Dr. Véronique Bücken, Head of the Old Masters Painting section of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and Dr. Ingrid De Meûter, Curator of Tapestries and Textiles, Art & History Museum Brussels on the emblematic figure of the Flemish Renaissance, Bernard van Orley (circa 1488-1541).

Bernard van Orley was one of the pivotal figures of the Renaissance in the Low Countries, painter at the court of Marguerite d'Autriche, Marie de Hongrie and Charles Quint, for whom he created portraits, designed tapestries and stained glass windows. His art, initially profoundly anchored in the Brussels’ tradition, transformed under the combined influence of Raphaël and Dürer. Although he never travelled, he left a lasting mark on the Brussels painting and tapestry schools.

From 20th February 2019, BOZAR presents, in collaboration with the MRBAB and the MRAH, the first monographic exhibition ever dedicated to Bernard van Orley – Brussels and the Renaissance. A unique opportunity to rediscover this great master. On until 26th May 2019.

This video is a registration of the BRAFA Art Talk; the first part is held in French and the second in Dutch.

Video by Biapal

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BRAFA and IN ARTIBUS present: Miraculous Michaelina Wautier. If Rubens was a woman?

On October 13th, the IN ARTIBUS Foundation and the BRAFA Art Fair were delighted to have Prof. Dr. Katlijne Van der Stighelen (KU Leuven), who lectured on 'Miraculous Michaelina Wautier (1604-1689). If Rubens was a woman?’.

Katlijne Van der Stighelen curated the first exhibition on the 17th century painter Michaelina Wautier and her younger brother Charles Wautier (1609 -1703), after this enigmatic brother-sister pair had been forgotten for centuries. The exhibition was staged at the Antwerp Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), in collaboration with the Rubens House.

Very little is known about Michaelina Wautier herself. Her life is barely documented. Born in Mons, this artist moved to Brussels soon after 1640, together with her brother Charles. Both remained unmarried and lived in a stately town house near the Chapel Church. Michaelina distinguishes herself from her female counterparts due to her focus on many different genres. Besides taking on portraits and genre paintings, she also turned her hand to large format historical pieces – a challenge that even many male painters resisted. She effortlessly portrayed religious themes and mythological scenes. She observed everyday reality and painted both poignant children's portraits and astonishing and interesting figures.

The BRAFA organisation would like to thank the IN ARTIBUS Foundation and its founder Inna Bazhenova, Prof. Dr. Katlijne Van der Stighelen, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Moscow, VISIT FLANDERS and BRAFA's representative in Russia Ekaterina Limonad for their support.

BRAFA is one of the leading European art and antiques fairs. Here, all art works on show are for sale and quality and authenticity are two of the key requirements exhibitors face. BRAFA is an eclectic fair which encompasses a variety of specialities, from antiquity to the 21st century. BRAFA 2019 opens from 26 January - 3 February at Tour & Taxis, in Brussels, Belgium. Learn more on BRAFA and the BRAFA Art Talks at www.brafa.art

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Pieter Bruegel Art Talk by Christina Currie presented in Moscow by the In Artibus Foundation and BRAFA

On October 26th, 2018, Bruegel expert Dr. Christina Currie, Head of Scientific Imagery at KIK-IRPA, lectured on 'Pieter Bruegel and his artistic progeny' at the In Artibus Foundation in Moscow. Russian collectors, art experts and museum curators thoroughly enjoyed Mrs Currie's lecture, revealing the secrets behind the successful Bruegel dynasty...

The BRAFA organisation would like to thank Dr. Christina Currie and the KIK-IRPA, the In Artibus Foundation and its founder Inna Bazhenova, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Moscow, VISIT FLANDERS and BRAFA's representative in Russia Ekaterina Limonad for their support.

BRAFA is one of the leading European art and antiques fairs. Here, all art works on show are for sale and quality and authenticity are two of the key requirements exhibitors face. BRAFA is an eclectic fair which encompasses a variety of specialities, from antiquity to the 21st century...

BRAFA 2019 opens from 26 January - 3 February at Tour & Taxis, in Brussels, Belgium.

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BRAFA Art Talk 2019 on Pieter Bruegel by Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink

2019 is the Bruegel year and calls for a lecture by one of the internationally renowned specialists on the artist. In this BRAFA Art Talk, Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink, General Director and Head Curator of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Antwerp, unveils the most recent discoveries made during research carried out at the Historical Museum of Vienna in the course of the large-scale Bruegel exhibition organised there from 2 October 2018 – 13 January 2019.

Since 2018, BRAFA supports CODART, the international network of Flemish and Dutch visual arts curators. Manfred Sellink has been an active participant since the beginning, and was a member of the board of directors from 2008 to 2017.

Language: NL with English subtitels
In partnership with CODART
Video produced by Matthieu Wolmark BIAPAL

BRAFA loves culture, and loves to share it!
BRAFA has joined forces with the non-profit association BIAPAL to organize the BRAFA ART TALKS by renowned art-world personalites who specialize in curating or in the art market. They take turns to share their knowledge and expertise on diverse and fascinating subjects.

The international BRAFA Art Fair offers many chances to discover artists, eras, artworks, famous art-world characters and to broaden our knowledge of art and the art market. Mark your calendar for the next BRAFA edition: Sunday, 26 January - Sunday, 2 February, 2020. www.brafa.art

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BRAFA Art Talk 2019 on Post-constructivism or the origins of Soviet Art Deco by Kristina Krasnyanskaya

Kristina Krasnyanskaya is a Curator, Head of the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art Trustees Board, corresponding member of the International Academy of Culture and Art and the owner and founder of the Heritage Gallery. On January 28th, 2019, she gave a BRAFA Art Talk on 'Post-constructivism or the origins of Soviet Art Deco'.

The period associated with Soviet Art Deco is relatively short: 1932-1937. The style originated through the exchange of ideas with the West (especially France and the United States) and it was shaped by Russian avant-garde influences. Soviet Art Deco combined constructivist architectural ideas with the decorative approach of the future Soviet Empire style, while differing from both trends. The style not only left a unique architectural heritage, it was also reflected in interior design, fashion and furniture design and was taken up by renowned architects and artists such as B. Iofan, A. Rodchenko, A. Schusev, A. Dushkin, K. Melnikov, I. Golosov, B. Smirnov, A. Deyneka and A. Damsky.

Language: Russian with simultaneous translation in English
Alexey Schusev - project of Palace of the Soviets.
Video produced by Matthieu Wolmark of BIAPAL

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A conversation with Gilbert & George at BRAFA 2019

The international BRAFA Art Fair proudly welcomed the British duo Gilbert & George at its 2019 edition. The internationally renowned artists are known for their fiercely singular Anti-Art that is poetic, primal and emotionally driven. As Guest of Honour, Gilbert & George presented five large-scale works at the fair. Their humorous side brought colour and dynamism to BRAFA which aimed to promote, more than ever, the idea that ‘Art is for all’, as Gilbert & George themselves have always upheld.

On Thursday 24 January, BRAFA visitors attended a very special lecture by Gilbert & George, in conversation with author Michael Bracewell, about their ‘life in art’, creative process, the evolution of imagery in their pictures, and how their art aims to seduce the viewer with visual power.

In partnership with BOZAR.
Video produced by Matthieu Wolmark of Biapal.

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