• Dinka Statues at BRAFA Art Fair 2019

    During the 2019 edition of BRAFA Art Fair, Bernard de Grunne brought together an original group of statues by the Dinka people, an ethnic group from South Sudan.

  • KISANOLA - Didier Claes Gallery

  • Huberty & Breyne Gallery

    Pour l’édition 2019 de la BRAFA, Huberty & Breyne Gallery met à l’honneur les oeuvres récentes de Philippe Geluck en lui consacrant un espace. Un second espace sera consacré à Midam, auteur de « Kid Paddle » et « Game Over ». Midam exposera ses planches originales ainsi que ses œuvres d’art réalisées pour l’exposition « New Blork City ».

    Huberty & Breyne Gallery exposera également les grands classiques de la Bande-Dessinée avec pour figure de proue la couverture mythique du « Fantôme espagnol » de Willy Vandersteen.

    François Avril, Jean-Claude Götting, Miles Hyman et Loustal montreront, enfin, de quelle manière la Bande Dessinée peut mener à d’autres horizons créatifs. Leurs planches originales côtoieront, pour ce-faire, des œuvres plus conceptuelles.

  • BRAFA 2019 showstopper: Frida Kahlo corset presented by Gallery Sophie van de Velde

    The international BRAFA Art Fair 2019 is thrilled to welcome new exhibitor Gallery Sophie van de Velde (26 January - 3 February). The gallery makes quite an entrance at Tour & Taxis Brussels, presenting an outright eye-catcher at their booth 18d: Frida Kahlo's 'Life and Pain in Plaster Corset with a Hammer and Sickle'.

    Frida’s Plaster Corset with a Hammer and Sickle tells a fascinating, multi-faceted story, a story of a painful life lived undefeated, a life lost and a chapter of history. Painted by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), it is a tridimensional piece that alludes to the broken state of her body, while offering social commentary on events both historical and personal. The painting includes metaphors for the baby she lost, as well as the Communist Party and the Revolution, Frida’s “only real reason to live.”
    Frida Kahlo is a remarkable woman who is remembered for her personal struggle and extraordinary life as much as for her vibrant and intimate artwork. Plagued by illness since youth, she suffered a near-fatal bus accident at age 18 that damaged her spinal column and fractured her pelvis, confining her to bed for months and leaving her with lifelong complications.
    Frida’s Plaster Corset with a Hammer and Sickle was used by Frida during her confinement at the Hospital Ingles in 1950 after surgery. The color has faded from regular wear and tear, but Frida's bodily imprint is clearly visible on the inside, showing her belly button and breasts, along with dirt caused by sweat and months of wear. Painting the corset after the plaster was applied to her body, she used a mirror to see her drawing whilst prostrated in bed.

    BRAFA Art Fair 2019: 26 January - 3 February, Tour & Taxis Brussels.

  • Galerie Schifferli - Interview Brafa 2018

    Presentation of Galerie Schifferli based in Geneva, Switzerland

  • Stern Pissarro to present a stunning Paul Delvaux painting at the BRAFA Art Fair 2019

    Stern Pissarro Gallery will be showcasing a large work 'Le Balcon' by Belgian artist Paul Delvaux (1897-1994), of 1948. The painting is fresh to the market, having been in an Asian collection since the 1980s. This enigmatic work is an excellent example of Delvaux's famous series of female nudes often set in dreamlike landscapes.
    Learn more at

  • BRAFA 2018: impression at Maruani Mercier Gallery

    During BRAFA 2018 the contemporary Maruani Mercier Gallery showcases international bespoke artworks by the likes of Barbara Kruger, David LaChapelle, Toiletpaper and Arne Quinze. Enjoy the impression of their booth live until 4 February at Tour & Taxis Brussels.

  • BRAFA 2018: A remarkable and rare Kota, Gabon

    This janus Kota is among the rarest of the Kota known, presented by Bernard de Grunne

  • BRAFA 2018: One of the most elegant ancient Gouro/Bete mask

  • BRAFA 2018: The Three Graces: From Pompeii to the Makonde

    The grouping of three wonderful Venuses from the Makonde tribe in Mozambique is the first time ever three statues carved by one great master and one of his pupils are presented together. It is quite meaningful that all three works belonged initially to three contemporary artists, Willy Mestach, David Henrion and Daniel Hourdé. This theme of the three Graces as a group of three young women in the prime of their youth and as symbolic images of beauty and elegance has inspired many great painters and sculptors since the Antiquity. The earliest depictions of the Three Graces show the trio of goddesses naked, with the central figure always turned backwards, showing her voluptuous behind.

  • BRAFA 2018 : Bamiléké royal couple at Bernard de Grunne

    A remarkable and rare pair of Bamileke figures from Cameroon which haven't been seen since the 1950s. Collected and published by Raymond lecoq back in 1953, now exhibited by Bernard de Grunne.

  • BRAFA 2018 by Bernard de Grunne

    Bernard de Grunne presents an introduction of his show at BRAFA Art Fair 2018, showcasing a selection of African art treasures, such as a rare Bamileke royal couple from Cameroon, unseen since the 1950s; a Kota Janus from Gabon; an exceptional Gouro/Bete mask from Ivory Coast...

  • BRAFA 2018: Serge Schoffel - Art Premier Highlights

    Tribal art specialist Serge Schoffel exhibits at the international BRAFA Art Fair, staged at Tour & Taxis in Brussels between 27 January and 4 February 2018. Video produced by Biapal.
    Serge Schoffel was in close contact with the most significant tribal artworks from a young age, and in the early 1990s he made numerous collecting trips to remote areas of the Philippines and Indonesia. On his return, he studied anthropology at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes. Enriched by these experiences combined with the work he had done as a tribal art dealer since 1986, he opened his own gallery in 2003 in Brussels where he focuses on quality, provenance and rarity.

  • BRAFA 2018: James Ensor's Bal Masqué on display at Samuel Vanhoegaerden

    BRAFA Art Fair 2018: James Ensor's Bal Masqué on display at Samuel Vanhoegaerden The Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery specializes in post-war and contemporary art, offering paintings and sculptures dating from 1945 until the present day. At the international BRAFA Art Fair 2018, the gallery shows works by international artists such as Keith Haring, Karel Appel, Cy Twombly, Fred Eerdekens and Tom Wesselmann. In this video, Samuel Vanhoegaerden shows his personal favorite, 'Bal masqué' by James Ensor from 1910, a painting with a very interesting iconography. BRAFA 2018 takes place at Tour & Taxis in Brussels from 27 January to 4 February onwards. Learn more on the event at Video produced by RGB Media

  • De Backker Medieval Art offers a rare sculpture at BRAFA 2018

    The Middle Ages are very much in vogue. A visit to Luc de Backker of De Backker Medieval Art at the BRAFA Art Fair (27 Jan - 4 Feb 2018). The gallery combines medieval works of art with contemporary sculpture and painting. Highlight of the stand is a French 14th century Virgin and Child, in carved limestone. Video produced by RGB Media

  • Elegant puma by Rembrandt Bugatti on show at BRAFA 2018

    An elegant puma, a plaster edition of circa 1911, created by the famous Italian sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti (1884 – 1916) is on show at the international BRAFA Art Fair 2018 with Xavier Eeckhout. Most certainly offered by Adrian Hébrard, there are two in this edition, the other piece can be found in Rome in the collection of the Galleria of Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (inv. n. 2672). Bugatti's love of nature led him to spending a great deal of time at the Antwerp Zoo where he studied the features and movement of animals. BRAFA takes place at Tour & Taxis, Brussels, from 27 January - 4 February 2018.
    Video produced by RGB Media.

  • Important Shiva on show at BRAFA 2018

    BRAFA, the Brussels art fair, opens its doors for its 63rd edition between 27 January and 4 February 2018. Grusenmeyer - Woliner will be showing an imposing sculpture of Shiva from the late Shunga dynasty (1th century BC), North India, Northern region of Mathura (Uttar Pradesh). On show at Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Video produced by RGB Media.

  • Brafa's 2018 Highlight: Magritte's Oracle

    Presented by Boon Gallery, stand 78c
    Video produced by RGB Media.

  • Brafa's 2018 Highlight: Rubens' Diana and Nymphs Hunting Deer

    Presented by Klaas Muller, stand n° 104c
    Video produced by RGB Media.

  • BRAFA 2017: Daniel Boulakia on Chagall

    One of the 132 exhibitors at Brafa 2017 is Galerie Boulakia, who presents a wonderful selection of masterpieces by significant 20th century European artists, including Marc Chagall. For him, the circus was a metaphor for life and death, joy and sorrow, all reflected in the multi-coloured performances. The work presented here is often considered one of Chagall's major late circus works. Video produced by RGB Media

  • BRAFA 2017: Le Corbusier at Aktis Gallery

    During Brafa 2017, Aktis Gallery proudly presents works by Le Corbusier who is as known for his architectural designs as for his visual art. Video produced by RGB Media

  • Jacques Nève, Horloger d'Art

  • Jacques Nève, Horloger d'Art

    Jacques Nève présente une pendule à trois mystères signée Robert-Houdin, Paris, circa 1850


    Grusenmeyer & Woliner presents The Rockefeller Ceremonial Maori Adze, Toki poutangata

  • Le Couvent des Ursulines

    Drop-leaf secretary desk. Attributed to Jean-Jacques Werner (1791-1849), active during the Louis XVIII and Charles X period. Provenance: family inheritance of Désirée Clary (1777-1860), queen of Sweden

  • Jacques Nève, Horloger d'art

    The 'Three-Mystery Clock' by Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin c.1850

  • Francis Maere

    Homage to Belgian sculptor Eugène Dodeigne

  • Boris Vervoordt

    Fragment of a high relief with a male bust, South Arabia

  • Jacques Nève, Horloger d'Art

    A 'Mystery Clock' signed J. Pratt, Comptoir General de Paris

  • Preview by Stern Pissarro Gallery

  • Preview by Galerie Mermoz

  • Preview by Huberty & Breyne Gallery

  • Preview by Francis Janssens van der Maelen

  • Preview by Didier Claes

  • Preview by Tobias Desmet

  • Serge Schoffel
    Akam mask


  • Jacques Nève
    Twin Dial Skeleton clock by Hubert Sarton


  • Galerie Cybele
    Sarcophagus for the mummy of Ibis


  • Galerie Harmakhis
    Fertility Statuette


  • Costermans
    Jan van Kessel the elder


  • Serge Schoffel


  • Serge Schoffel
    Rare Maori canoe prow


  • Serge Schoffel
    Fon art and Oceanic Masterpieces


  • Axel Vervoordt
    A capital of the goddess Hathor


  • Galerie Harmakhis
    Egyptian vase