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Bernier/Eliades Gallery

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We are happy to show for the first time in Brussels a work of the renowned Belgian artist Martin Margiela on our BRAFA booth 011. Martin Margiela’s visual practice spans a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture, installation, collage and film. His works attest to his fondness for the overlooked and unconventional. Margiela magnifies both disruptions and poetic junctions, seeking beauty in the fleeting. He believes that objects are always in a state of transformation, and he is intrigued by the marks of time. Important sources of inspiration for the artist are the human body, epidermis and hair, as well as the urban environment as an infinite place of wonder. Margiela’s work is dedicated to the unknown and the surprising, in combination with an exceptional sensibility for materials...
BRAFA 2024 - Bernier/Eliades Gallery - Martin Margiela