Galerie La Forest Divonne - Highlights


Galerie La Forest Divonne presents two great painters of Hungarian origin: Alexandre Hollan and Jeff KowatchAlexandre Hollan concentrates on two unique subjects: the trees he spends all summer painting, and the still lifes (his «Vie Silencieuse») he paints in winter, in the silence of his studio... Jeff Kowatch has developed a colourist’s style marked by the great American abstractionists, from Mark Rothko to Brice Marden, and, in terms of technique, by the great Flemish painters, Rembrandt in particular, whose linseed oil recipes he has re-appropriated, giving his painting a particular effect of depth and transparency, typical of the glazes of the North. Aside these two contemporary masters, who have the rare quality of stopping time to touch a deep and universal emotion, the gallery highlights the fascinating furniture of two sculptor-designer: François Cante Pacos and Gerard Kuijpers. French artist, born in 1946, François Cante Pacos is a painter, sculptor and designer. In the 1970s, he designed furniture for Pierre Cardin and created the acronym for his famous «Espace», where the great couturier regularly exhibited his work... Born in 1962, Gerard Kuijpers is a Flemish artist, sculptor and designer based in Mechelen. He is renowned for his pure use of stone and steel. He transforms the most massive and crude of materials into an almost featherweight...
BRAFA 2024 - La Galerie Forest Divonne - Highlights