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A brief history of frames and frame making over the centuries

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By Guy Sainthill, restorer and gilder

Guy Sainthill has been reproducing, making and restoring frames in the Netherlands since 1990, advising and working hand in hand with major museums, art dealers and collectors. This talk highlights the very important but often overlooked world of the picture frame: looking at not only the various styles and periods but also some of the techniques and materials used by frame makers over the centuries, often with the input of some of the greatest artists and designers. We will take a closer look at a few of the prestigious and complex framing projects Guy Sainthill has been involved with over the years, illustrating how a frame can ‘make or break’ an artwork. Guy Sainthill will also explain his passion for seeking out and cataloguing paintings in their original frames and for collecting antique frames, for this is a vital part of his work, enabling him to give accurate and historically correct advice.

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Emile Bertrand, Doreur dans son atelier, 1891
Guy Sainthill ‘flipping the gold’