Kneeling female figure holding an offering bowl -
Kneeling female figure holding an offering bowl

Uli figure

Uli figure

Wusear, stopper for a Sacred Flute -
Wusear, stopper for a Sacred Flute


A fascination for Primitive Arts led Serge Schoffel on numerous collecting trips to remote parts of the Philippines and Indonesia at the beginning of 1990s, even before he started his studies in anthropology at the University of Paris-VIII-Vincennes. Born in France, his career as a tribal art dealer spans over 30 years. In 2003, he established his gallery in the Sablon district of Brussels offering a selection of high quality sculptures from Sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania, South East Asia and the Americas. A member of both the Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers of Belgium and of the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts, he has curated thematic exhibitions and published a number of books and catalogues. At this year’s edition of Brafa, the gallery will show a compelling selection of thirty ‘Orisha’ from the Yorubas of Nigeria, accompanied by a catalogue. Furthermore, two iconic pre-contact Melanesian sculptures will be presented: an extremely rare black ‘Uli’ from New Ireland, and a Biwat ‘Wusear’ (a sacred flute stopper) from Papua-New-Guinea.

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