N/A - Marisa Merz

Marisa Merz

Grigi che si allegeriscono - Giovanni Anselmo
Grigi che si allegeriscono

Giovanni Anselmo

Golden Aérea, 2018 - Giancarlo Scaglia
Golden Aérea, 2018

Giancarlo Scaglia


Founded in Athens in 1977, the BERNIER/ELIADES Gallery has always been at the forefront of contemporary art in Greece. Jean Bernier and Marina Eliades have introduced a number of artistic movements such as Arte Povera, Minimalism, Land Art and Conceptual Art to the Greek public, also focusing on young American and European artists. In addition to their gallery in Athens, they opened a new space in Brussels in April 2016. The gallery is located in the Chatelain district. There they organized solo shows by artists such as Mario Airò & Christiane Löhr, Giovanni Anselmo, Valérie Mannaerts, Elliott Hundley and Kosta Sahpazis. During BRAFA 2019, the BERNIER/ELIADES Gallery will be showing new works by the young German artist Louisa Clement in their space in Brussels; followed in April by a solo-exhibition with Annette Messager, who will be showing for the first time in Belgium. Annette Messager is considered as of one the most important living French artist. The gallery also participates in important national and international art fairs such Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Brussels and Art Düsseldorf.

Founded : 1977

Art Basel / Basel, Art Basel / Hong Kong, Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Brussels, Art Düsseldorf,