19 – 26 JUNE 2022




Florian Kolhammer

Josef Frank (Baden 1885-1967 Stockholm)
Showcase, circa 1946
Mahogany, glass, mirror glass, brass
H 171 x W 90 x D 31 cm
Provenance: private collection, Sweden
Literature: Kristina Wängberg-Eriksson & Jan Christer Eriksson, Josef Frank Möbelformgivaren, Carlssons 2014, K 78; Christopher Long, Josef Frank: Life and Work, University of Chicago Press 2001, p. 236; Monica Boman e.a., Svenska Mobler 1890-1990, Bokforlaget Signum 1991, p. 263

Throughout his life, Josef Frank was devoted to functional forms in his buildings. This commitment is embodied to perfection in this showcase designed in 1946.
Supported by four gyroscopic feet, the main body virtually seems to float above the lower pedestal. Narrow wooden strips are flush with the horizontal glass compartments, revealing an undisturbed view of the interior of this piece of exhibition furniture. Mirrored bottom and back panels further accentuate the objects stored within, reflecting the interior of the room.
With its mahogany wood and perfect workmanship, the vitrine exudes an exquisite elegance that unpretentiously subordinates itself to its actual purpose and facilitates the display of collected treasures.