Gioielleria Nardi - Press release


The synergy between Nardi and BRAFA is evident, considering the artful and distinctive nature of Nardi's creations, transforming jewelry into wearable pieces of art. At BRAFA, Nardi's exhibition goes beyond conventional displays, offering a unique platform for visitors to discover “wearable art” that seamlessly merges artistic expression with impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece becomes a testament to Venetian heritage and innovation, turning the wearer into a living canvas reflecting the timeless beauty of Nardi's craftsmanship. The exhibition is a harmonious celebration where jewelry becomes a medium through which the rich cultural tapestry of Venice is intricately woven into each exquisite piece. Among the new most interesting pieces, a Japanese inspired brooch. A Geisha's face craved in mesmerizing turquoise and elegantly mounted on a gold lattice fan. This masterpiece reveals a delicate branch of cherry blossom, skillfully highlighted with enamel and diamonds. The exhibition also features a charming collection of precious gold rings entitled "Letters from Venice." These playful envelope-shaped rings open to unveil a small golden letter inscribed with timeless love messages in Latin: Omnia Vincit Amor, Amor est Vitae Essentiae, Amantes Amentes. Nardi’s Venetian Byzantine crosses will also be showcased during the BRAFA. Two very special pieces are to be presented, the wearable art, adorned with rubies and precious stones, encapsulate the enduring and unbreakable bond between the jeweler and the captivating city of Venice.