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Statuette of Venus
Solid-cast bronze, green-brown mottled red patina
Roman, 2nd century AD
H 28 cm; Statuette H 24 cm
Condition: figure and base unbroken, in the 19th century newly connected with screws to one another
Provenance: collection Louis de Clercq (1836-1901), France, acquired 1868
ALR S00144790. Accompanied by a French export licence
Published: A. de Ridder, Collection de Clercq, tome III, Les bronzes, Paris, 1905, nº 108

A very attractive statuette of the nude goddess Venus. The centrally parted long wavy hair tied in a chignon at the nape of her neck, surmounted by a diadem with five palmettes with incised decoration. An Isis crown probably once crowned the diadem. In her left hand a mirror, decorated with seven star-like prongs. Forefinger and thumb of her open right hand forming a circle, originally holding an unknown object.