Galerie Bernard De Leye

Philippe Wolfers (Brussels, 1858-1929)
Ewer decorated with orchid
Patinated bronze
H 30.5 cm
The theme of the orchid is one of Philippe Wolfers' most important themes and perfectly reflects the stylistic expression of Art Nouveau. Philippe Wolfers is the best known artist of the Wolfers family, not only a brilliant silversmith and jeweller in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, but also a valuable sculptor. Like all bronze pieces made by Philippe Wolfers around 1895, these were to be made in a series of 12 casts (see the Munchen catalogue of 1898). However, it is not certain that this series was completed, as the ewers were cast and finished only to order.
Provenance: former Philippe Wolfers collection; former Marcel Wolfers and Clairette Petrucci collection
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