Galerie Bernard De Leye

Philippe Wolfers (Brussels, 1858-1929)
Ewer ‘Le vin’, 1895
Patinated bronze
H 32.5 cm
Provenance: former Philippe Wolfers collection; former Marcel Wolfers and Clairette Petrucci collection
Literature: Pol de Mont in de Vlaamse school, revue, 1895, p. 50; Philippe Wolfers : juwelen, zilver, ivoor, kristal (1858-1928), Gent, Museum voor Sierkunst, 1979, pp.16-17 En Belgica, El Art Nouveau 1893-1905, Buenos Aores, 1990, p. 67; Philippe und Marcel Wolfers, Art Nouveau und Art Déco aus Brüssels, Zürich, Museum Bellerive, 1993, p. 63; Werner Adriaenss, Art Nouveau and Art Déco aus Brüssels, Zürich, Museum Bellerive 63; Werner Adriaenssens, Raf Steel, La dynastie Wolfers de l'Art Nouveau à l'Art Déco, 2007, p. 316, no. 9; Raf Steel, Emmy Steel, Collection Marcel Wolfers et Clairette Petrucci: Hidden Treasures, Galerie St John, 24/11-24/12/17, p. 14

This unique piece is a lost wax bronze by Philippe Wolfers. Philippe Wolfers is the best known artist of the Wolfers family, not only a brilliant silversmith and jeweller in the Art Nouveau and Art deco styles but also a valuable sculptor. This pitcher was made by Philippe Wolfers himself, the magnificent patina proving that this piece passed through the hands of the master. It was part of the artist's personal collection.