19 – 26 JUNE 2022




Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art

Ottavio Vannini (Florence, 1585-1644)
Susan and the Elders, circa 1615/1616
Oil on canvas
105 x 141.5 cm
Provenance: private collection, Florence; private collection, Brescia; acquired from the above by the current owner
Literature: G. Papi, Una nuova Susanna di Ottavio Vannini, Paragone, 805 (3rd series, 132), 2017, pp. 30-33, col. pl. 34
Expertise by Dr. Gianni Papi (28.11.2016) and by Dr. Filippo Gheri (2018). The Art Loss Register Certificate No. S00130385 (2017); export license n° 6716 (23.09.2016)
Condition: the painting is in good condition. It is not relined and is on its original canvas