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Arts et Autographes

Napoleon Bonaparte (Ajaccio 1769-1821 Island of Sainte-Hélène), Emperor of the French
Manuscript dictated by the Emperor with autograph corrections by his hand. Set of 74 folio pages.
File gathering under a folder entitled 'Battle of Austerlitz' the following documents:
- Plan of the Battle of Austerlitz, on tracing paper. Hand drawing of General Bertrand. 34.5 x 50 cm
- Manuscript dictated by Napoleon to General Bertrand, corrected by Gourgaud with a clean update for some pages by Merchant. This manuscript is corrected in several places in the hand of Napoleon. 74 pages folio, sometimes half-filled. Account of the battle by its victor.

Collation: the manuscript is numbered pages 1 to 14, then continues with another hand from page number 22
(without loss of text) on page 58 and continues on page 60 without loss of text again to end on page 74 bis.

We are therefore here in front of a text which has been amended many times.

We find corrections by the hand of Napoleon on the pages numbered: 9, 22, 24, 25, 28 [3 lines], 29 [8 lines], 30 [3 lines], 31, 33 [3 lines], 35 [2 lines: title and date "Battle of Austerlitz - 11 Frimaire"
[year XIV], 36 (crossed out title ("Battle of Austerlitz"), 51 [2 lines].
- Set of autograph notes from General Bertrand, gathered under a captioned folder 'Austerlitz', intended for legends for maps of the battle. 15 pages in-8, in-4 ° or in-folio. Composition
of the Russian army, of the French army, effective force of the French cavalry, cantonment and location of the
cavalry before battle. Bertrand notes: "The Emperor, eight days before, had recognized the heights of Brunn and chosen
a battlefield. »Position of the troops on 10 Frimaire year XIV [December 1, 1805].

Origin: papers of General Bertrand brought back from Saint Helena.

Extremely rare manuscript written under the dictation of Napoleon, in Saint Helena. Relation of the battle by sound