A shared passion

Art inspires. That is why at Delen Private Bank we are happy to share our passion for art and design.

At Delen Private Bank, every confidential conversation starts in a familiar setting. Our clients immediately feel at home in our cosy, comfortable office interiors. Each office has a distinguished Delen look, with carefully selected vintage design pieces that blend perfectly with the bank’s collection of post-war abstract Belgian art.

Delen Private Bank seeks to protect, promote and develop the rich and diverse heritage of Belgian art and design. In BRAFA we find a dedicated and dynamic ally to convey that message.

A bank with a personal touch

Delen Private Bank focuses on discretionary asset management and estate planning. Our mission? To ensure the prudent and carefully planned management of our customers’ assets, focusing on balanced growth and intact transfer of assets to future generations.

Personal contact is of the utmost importance to us. And for customers who appreciate ease of use, efficiency and 24/7 availability, there are digital applications, the Delen app and Delen OnLine.
Thanks to the assets overview, the customer not only gains insight into his portfolio, but also into all the components of his assets: a house, insurance, art, you name it. At the same time, important documents are neatly arranged in a digital archive. Through simulations, the client can see how his assets will evolve, and what measures he can take to improve his financial future. From overview to analysis and planning – this is how we create peace of mind for our clients.