19 – 26 JUNE 2022




Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



Giulia Cavagnis & Giovanni Lacerenza

Via Marsala 13

IT-20121 Milan

t. +39 02 823 98 401 | m. +39 339 267 13 74 | m. +39 347 872 95 69

info@cavagnislacerenza.art | www.cavagnislacerenza.art


Cavagnis Lacerenza is a Milan-based fine art gallery specialised in Ancient Classical Sculpture, European Sculpture and Works of Art. After several years of experience in the busy London art market, working for a leading international auction house and commercial art gallery respectively, Giulia Cavagnis and Giovanni Lacerenza decided to join forces and launch a new gallery in located in the heart of Milano. Inspired by their shared passion, Giulia Cavagnis and Giovanni Lacerenza decided to establish a gallery focused on rare and exceptional sculpture. Both Giulia and Giovanni believe in the enduring power of sculpture. A uniquely challenging yet rewarding medium, Ancient and Old Master sculptures reveal their history upon their very surface – displaying the gradual impressions of time and touch. As viewers we respond and relate instinctively to the physicality of the three-dimensional, a feature which gives sculpture its lasting appeal. Cavagnis Lacerenza’s approach combines the highest academic standards with a rigorous knowledge of the market. Thanks to their global outlook and strong international network, Giulia Cavagnis and Giovanni Lacerenza provide tailored advice to collectors of antiquities and fine art, helping them with the creation of their art collections.

Founded : 2020


Ancient art, European sculpture and works of art


Associazione Antiquari Milanesi


Modena Antiquaria