19 – 26 JUNE 2022





Since 2014, Luca and Ludmilla Bizzozero been active in their gallery near Lausanne in Switzerland. It is located in a beautiful 17th-century house. Bound both in life and in the passion of beauty, the young couple of antique dealers offers art pieces and furniture that combine aesthetics, quality, authenticity and exclusivity. Luca and Ludmilla are always looking for treasures, rare objects of high quality, not dependent on speculative phenomena or fads, on but the intrinsic value of the object. Igra Lignum was awarded the second prize of IVE (Institute for Value-based Entrepreneurship), from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fribourg. Igra Lignum also operates an art restoration workshop. All the furniture and art pieces pass through the workshop before being put on sale. The workshop follows recent European regulations concerning the conservation of artworks, and all products are approved by the INP.

Founded : 2013


French furniture and works of art of the 18th century and Empire period


S.N.A. Syndicat National des Antiquaires Négociants en Objets d'Art Tableaux anciens et modernes de France


La Biennale Paris