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Additional artworks will be shown on 27/01/2021 !



Rogierlaan 46 | BE-8400 Ostend

t. +32 (0)59 50 75 64 | m. +32 (0)475 62 16 06


Based in Ostend since 1990, the Seghers Gallery is located in the centre of the city, in a listed building of the Twenties, near the ‘Mu.ZEE’. The collection is characterized by a wide diversity of artistic genres. At BRAFA in the Galleries this year in the Gallery in Ostend, it is showing works by such artists as Pierre Alechinsky, Rachel Baes, Guillaume Bijl, Bram Bogart, Louise Bourgeois, William Copley, Raoul De Keyser, Wim Delvoye, Christian Dotremont, Jean Dubuffet, James Ensor, Pierre Flouquet, J.J. Gailliard, Pierre Huyghe & Philippe Parreno, Félix Labisse, Jef Lambeaux, Le Corbusier, René Magritte, Marcel Mariën, Henri Michaux, Richard Pettibone, Félicien Rops, Leon Spilliaert, Antoni Tapies, Englebert Van Anderlecht, Paul Van Hoeydonck and Rik Wouters.

Founded : 1990


Modern and contemporary art


BRAFA - Brussels, Eurantica - Brussels, LINEART - Gent