24 JAN - 31 JAN | 2021





24 JAN - 31 JAN | 2021






Let’s us share and discover the latest news, interviews, videos and more, from our exhibitors.


Galerie Hioco - Object of the Month - A superb Pāla stele depicting the seated Buddha

Dear friends, dear collectors,

We can't resist presenting you this recent acquisition which has particularly attracted us. The polish of its black stone, the finish of its details, the elegance of its...

Dave McKean - Crime and Punishment - 23


Huberty & Breyne – Dave McKean: Kafka’s Pencil > 29.08.2020

Des toiles, des dessins, des photos, des collages, des agrégats… Dave McKean est un artiste qui ose mélanger les techniques et les genres. Huberty & Breyne est très heureux...

Wim Delvoye - Sans titre (Dessin préparatoire pour tatouage), 2006 - Courtesy of the artist and rodolphe janssen, Brussels - photo : studio Wim Delvoye


rodolphe janssen @ knokke - HERGÉ vs WIM DELVOYE > 19.08.2020

For his third show in his new space in Knokke, rodolphe janssen is pleased to present
an exhibition of works on paper from 1935 to 2010 by two major Belgian artists.

The idea for...


Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery - Ensor and his Belgian successors > 13.09.2020

Dear art lovers,

Trottoir is a collaborative event organized twice a year by seven neighboring galleries in Knokke - Zoute.
Samuel Vanhoegaerden gallery would like to invite you to this Trottoir-edition!


Peter Halley, Becoming, 2020


Maruani Mercier @ Knokke - Peter Halley 'New Works' - 08.08 > 30.08.2020

Maruani Mercier is proud to present Peter Halley's 9th solo exhibition with the gallery.
Halley is part of the generatiyon of Neo-Conceptualist artists that first exhibited in New York’s...

Left: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Torse, 1895-96. Right: Bust of Bodhisattva, Gandhâra, Kouchane, 2nd-3rd century, Pakistan, Kushan period


Galerie Jean-François Cazeau - Formes et corps dans l'art à travers les siècles > 03.09.2020

Nothing might have evolved so much as the representation of the human form over the course of the last centuries. The human ideal has transformed from an original idealisation of man or the Kouro, to the...

MRBAB © Daniel Piaggio Strandlund & Ilan Weiss – 2015


The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium - Walk in and get inspired !

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium have reopened since 1st July. Spend a great time in safe conditions at the Old Masters’ collection and the Magritte Museum.

The Old Master’ collection...

Malala Andrialavidrazana, Figures 1799, Explorers’ routes, 2015 © Malala Andrialavidrazana. Courtesy the artist & Dilecta


Boghossian Foundation - Mappa Mundi > 04.10.2020

Boghossian Foundation is pleased to present the fascinating exhibition 'Mappa mundi' exploring the different ways artists represent the world. Representation of the world is a practical and...

Lynn Chadwick, Encounter VI, 1956. Bronze. Numbered from the edition of 4.


Osborne Samuel Gallery - Modern British Art - Summer 2020 catalogue

Every year our Modern British exhibition and catalogue has become the highlight of our summer season, on show at the gallery and then normally at Masterpiece. We keep back our best new acquisitions for the...

Mask, Ramu-Lower Sepik area, Papua New Guinea, 19th century


A selection of 8 tribal art works by Serge Schoffel - online catalogue

Flip through the online catalogue at this link: 

Caption: Mask, Ramu-Lower Sepik area, Papua New Guinea, 19th century, Wood, paint -...

Jean-Marie Appriou, The big watcher, 2019 © Eden Krsmanovic / Courtesy of the artist and CLEARING New York, Brussels


CLEARING Summer show in Knokke - The Secret Life of Lobsters > 30.08.2020

This year, CLEARING gallery will organize an exceptional summer show in the form of a group exhibition.
It will take place on CWART's exclusive site, comprised of a 14th century farmhouse and its...

James Carpenter, Calabash vases for Venini, c. 1970s


Marc Heiremans 20th and 21st century applied arts - Venini Murano - The Next Generation > 16.08.2020

First, we sincerely hope all of you surpassed in good health the difficult past months.

To start off our summer period, the gallery will showcase an exhibition of a single owner collection.

Build around the...

Gold-mounted cane handle of carved heliotrope, applied agate cabochons and diamond eyes, probably Dresden, mid-18th c.


RÖBBIG München – Favourite piece of the month - Gold-mounted Cane Handle of Carved Heliotrope

We do hope that you have gone well through the past eventful weeks and have stayed healthy.
Although the strict measures to fight Covid-19 are being gradually revoked in some areas, it is still not foreseeable ...

© Museum Art & History


Museum Art & History reopens - Discover one of the most impressive museums in Belgium...

Museum Art & History is delighted to welcome you again. Inside this historic building, one of the biggest museums in Belgium, discover via a specific planned route a wealth of artefacts from...

Joseph Vivien, Portrait de Madeleine-Genviève Guillieaumon née Dupuis, circa 1722.


Galerie Alexis Bordes - Joseph Vivien – Portrait de Madeleine-Geneviève Guillieaumon

Joseph Vivien (1657–1734)
Portrait de Madeleine-Genviève Guillieaumon née Dupuis (vers 1675 – 1759)
79 x 64 cm
Circa 1722. Pastel sur papier marouflé sur toile


Sam Francis, Bright Ring Drawing, 1962.


Boon Gallery - Summer exhibition > 23.08.2020

The Boon Gallery will host a sales exhibition this summer featuring famous artists from around the world. North America is represented by Sam Francis and Robert Motherwell, South America by Pablo Atchugarry...

Ida Barbarigo Self-portraits / Cose the incantano


Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Ida Barbarigo and Chung Chang-Sup > 19.09.2020

Opening New Exhibitions: Ida Barbarigo Self-portraits / Cose the incantano and Chung Chang-Sup

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of two new exhibitions at Kanaal on Saturday, July ...

Vue de l’expo. 'Ce mouvement qui déplace les lignes'. L’art cinétique de Pol BURY, LAb[au], Roger VILDER © B. Cavalier


La Patinoire Royale I Galerie Valérie Bach - Ce mouvement qui déplace les lignes > 29.08.2020

Pol BURY - in collaboration with the Galerie Patrick Derom, Brussels
Roger VILDER - on the proposal of Serge Lemoine – Professor Emeritus at l'Université de la Sorbonne...

Kobe : Amoroso, 2013, bronze, 75 x 41 cm


Francis Maere Fine Arts - Kobe Sculptures > 20.09.2020

Kobe, artistic alias of Jacques Saelens (1950 – 2014), was a Belgian sculptor whose work has touched peoples’ lives all around the world. He created his own style of sculptures, shaping figures...

© Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Jan Liégeois


Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Writing Beyond > 29.08.2020

The phenomenal Kanaal galleries of Axel Vervoordt open a new group exhibition, 'Writing Beyond'. On view are works by more than 15 artists, as well as objects and artifacts. The exhibition explores...

Kuba Cup, Democratic Republic of Congo


didier Claes

Good luck to all the BRAFA dealers who start to reopen their galleries this week! The gallery of Didier Claes will open doors on May 15th. The team has not been inactive over recent weeks as the gallery is...

The cat seems to appreciate the puzzle, too!


Puzzle & reflection time for Chairman Harold t'Kint de Roodenbeke

What has been keeping you busy these days?

Harold t'Kint de Roodenbeke, chairman of the BRAFA Art Fair and owner / director of Galerie Harold t'Kint Fine Arts shares a moment of his 'at home'...

Storks nesting in the flowering trees


Storks nesting in Berko Fine Paintings garden!

The BRAFA exhibitors wish you well and love to keep in touch in this period of confinement. While @berkofinepaintings is very active online, Irina, Nicolas, Maximin, Patrick and Viviane Berko send you a little ...


Galerie Alexis Pentcheff

The BRAFA exhibitors wish you well and love to keep in touch in this period of confinement.

Galerie Alexis Pentcheff is located in Marseille in the South of France. The meridional light guides the...


Osborne Samuel Gallery

In this period of confinement and restrictions, our exhibitors are happy to stay in contact with you. Tania Sutton of the Osborne Samuel Gallery in London, a specialist in Modern British paintings and...



In this period of confinement and restrictions, our exhibitors are happy to stay in contact with you. Mattia Martinelli of the Robertaebasta gallery of Milan/London, a specialist in 20th century decorative...