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23 JAN - 30 JAN | 2022




Let’s us share and discover the latest news, interviews, videos and more, from our exhibitors.


Brame & Lorenceau I Un  mois avec un artiste : Jean Dubuffet, Paysage 1974

Dans le cadre de notre présentation en ligne "Un mois avec un artiste", pour le mois d'avril, la galerie est heureuse de mettre en lumière l’œuvre du peintre Jean...

Laurits Andersen Ring, The Fjord at Karrbaeksminde, 1897


Van der Meij Fine Arts - Artist of the Month - Laurits Andersen Ring

The Danish painter Laurits Andersen Ring (1854-1933) lived in the village of Karrebæksminde, near Næstved in south Zealand, between 1896-98. It was there that he produced a large number of striking ...

Jeffrey Vallance, AUSTRALIA, Governor-General Zelman Cowen


BERNIER/ELIADES Brussels - Jeffrey Vallance. Cultural Ties - 13.04 > 11.06.2021

“In 1978 and 1979, I worked on a project called Cultural Ties in which I sent a letter and a personal necktie to every head of state in the world and asked for them to send me one of their own personal...


Bailly Gallery | The Story Behind: Eternal Spring | Auguste Rodin

A passionate love affair is what inspired Auguste Rodin in creating his masterpiece « Eternal Spring » But was the passionate love indeed everlasting ? Learn about one of the most beautiful...

Helmut Dorner, Fasces, 2011, acrylic on wood, 126 x 170 cm


De Brock Gallery - Helmut Dorner. Strandgut - 17.04 > 24.05.2021

De Brock Gallery is very pleased to announce its second exhibition with the German painter Helmut Dorner. The exhibition will feature a number of recent paintings. In the mid 1980s Helmut Dorner ...


Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Otto Boll – Widening the Language – 10.04 > 12.06.2021

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present, “Widening the Language”, the gallery’s third solo exhibition by German artist Otto Boll (°Issum/Geldern, 1952). The exhibition is about...


Galerie Pentcheff - Nouvelles acquisitions: René Seyssaud

Galerie Pentcheff - Nouvelles acquisitions: René Seyssaud

« Solidité, audace, maîtrise sensuelle de la couleur, tels sont les qualificatifs qui s’imposent les premiers au...


Boon Gallery - MIDAM : Originele werken op papier - 04.04 > 25.04.2021

De Boon Gallery brengt met een unieke verkooptentoonstelling “MIDAM : Originele werken op papier” een eerbetoon brengen aan de Brusselse striptekenaar MIDAM. De galerij zal een 30tal werken tentoon ...

Beatrice Mandelman, Untitled, c. 1960, collage, acrylic on paper, 25.5 x 19.6 in.



The current exhibition American Abstraction: Beatrice Mandelman + Jeffrey Wasserman highlights the paintings and collages of these two artists of the twentieth century. United in this exhibition, the ...

Brian Rochefort, Gemstone, 2021, ceramic, glaze, glass fragments, 48 x 50 x 56 cm


BERNIER/ELIADES Athens - Brian Rochefort. Stellar Gems - 03.04 > 20.05.2021

The Bernier/Eliades Gallery is pleased to present Stellar GemsBrian Rochefort’s first solo exhibition in Athens and the aritst’s first show with the gallery.

Brian Rochefort (b.1985,...


MARUANI MERCIER – Emmanuel Taku, new gallery artist & solo exhibition ‘The Chosen Few’ - 03.04 > 15.05.2021

MARUANI MERCIER is pleased to announce worldwide representation of Ghanaian artist Emmanuel Taku (b. 1986). Taku’s first solo exhibition with the gallery will take place in our Knokke space from 3rd...

Manu vb Tintoré, Brins d'herbes nr 43 Mixed media on paper, 150 x 150 cm


Maurice Verbaet Gallery - Exhibition 'Brins d'herbes' - 03.04 > 30.05.2021

Exhibition 'Brins d'herbes' - 03.04 > 30.05.2021

Works from Manu vb Tintoré and Pierre Alechinsky, Christian Dotremont, Denmark, Jan Fabre, René Guiette, Lukasz, Pol Mara,...

George Nakashima - Desk/Console, 1975 Cherry birch - 66 x 202 x 91 cm


Gokelaere & Robinson - Minimalism and Design - 02.04 > 02.05.2021

We are pleased to invite you to "Minimalism and Design", our new Easter exhibition in Knokke (opening Friday April 2).

The exhibition will display a selection of exceptional 20th century ...


Stern Pissarro Gallery - ‘The Pissarros in England’ - online exhibition - 30.03 > 29.04.2021

‘The Pissarros in England’ is our newly created online-only exhibition featuring works by the Pissarro family when visiting and/or living in England.
This selling exhibition offers the opportunity ...

Prunella Clough (1919-1999) Barrels in a Yard, c. 1954 Oil on canvas, 51 x 36 cm


Osborne Samuel  -  Prunella Clough  - 29.03 > 25.05.2021

This past year has been one like no other. For most of it we have had to remain closed while working from home.  Like other galleries we have adapted to the online world, been as creative as possible in...

Jeffrey Wasserman, Futile Ambassador, 1989, oil on canvas, 60 x 54 in.


Rosenberg & Co. - American Abstraction: Beatrice Mandelman + Jeffrey Wasserman > 22.05.2021

The current exhibition American Abstraction: Beatrice Mandelman + Jeffrey Wasserman highlights the paintings and collages of these two artists of the twentieth century. United in this exhibition, the ...


Galerie Christophe Hioco - Object of the Month: Serenity of Ayutthayā: a soothing crowned Buddha

Dear friends,
dear collectors,

Peace and serenity: two key words that are more than welcome these days and our bronze Buddha from the 16th-17th century is the very embodiment of this.

And so...


Baronian Xippas - Seyni Awa Camara and Olaf Holzapfel - 03.04 > 30.05.2021

Baronian Xippas Knokke is proud to present new works by Seyni Awa Camara (*1945 Bignona, Senegal) and Olaf Holzapfel (*1967 Dresden, Germany) in their duo show in Knokke-Heist. Displaying...

​​​​​​​Dan McCarthy, Blue Berry, 2019, Ceramic clay and glazes with gold lustre, 56.5 x 31.1 cm


Rodolphe Janssen @ Knokke - Dan McCarthy - 03.04 > 08.05.2021

Dan McCarthy
Rainbow paintings & ceramics
EXHIBITION from 03.04 > 08.05.2021
Appointment at the door or by email



DIE GALERIE |Volker Stelzmann | City-Workshop - Works from 1964 to date | 24.03 > 02.06.2021

The meanwhile 80-year-old artist merely allows himself a momentary glimpse back, before returning his full attention to the easel before him; now as ever, it remains Volker Stelzmann‘s most beloved...


Galerie Sismann - Renaissance, France – Italy (1500-1600) - 25.03 > 30.04.2021

Renaissance, France – Italy (1500-1600) marks the second phase of the ambitious journey initiated by Galerie Sismann to explore European Old Master...


Huberty & Breyne - exhibition Philippe Geluck : Le Chat à Matignon - 26.03 > 05.06.2021

On Friday 26 March 2021, the City of Paris will be inaugurating an open-air exhibition of twenty giant bronze sculptures of  Philippe Geluck's "Cat" on the Champs-Élysées.

Henri Michaux, Composition, circa 1960-1961, India ink on paper


Galerie BA - Henri Michaux par Pierre Wat - vidéo

Vous êtes invités à visionner une rencontre d'exception: Pierre Wat commente l'oeuvre de Henri Michaux.

Pierre Wat est un historien de l'art, critique d'art et...


Berko Fine Paintings – Cheers! Gerard Portielje, a painter of great talent and humor

Painter of genre scenes and interiors, Gerard Portielje studied under his father, Jan Portielje, and Jozef Van Lerius. He was the older brother of Edward Portielje. He began his career in 1875 and was...

Hiroko Otake, Synthesis Vol. 7, 130 x 162 cm,


Galerie Taménaga - Exposition collective. Nouvel Horizon Japon - 26.03 > 17.04.2021

Dans la continuité de son initiative Nouvelle ère du Japon lancée il y a 5 ans, la Galerie Taménaga est heureuse de présenter l’exposition collective Nouvel Horizon...


Galerie Alexis Bordes - Drawings from the 16th to the 20th centuries - 25.03 > 30.04.2021

In view of the new sanitary measures announced by the government, the exhibition will continue to be held by appointment.

Browse the exhibition catalog here.

Hyacinthe AUBRY-LECOMTE (Nice, 1797...

Stefan Brüggemann, Hyper-Palimpsest, 2019, acrylic and spray paint on wood


MARUANI MERCIER - Stefan Brüggemann and On Kawara, Hyper-Conscious - 25.03 > 25.04.2021

MARUANI MERCIER gallery is honoured to present Stefan Brüggemann and On Kawara’s new exhibition, Hyper-Conscious.

This exhibition brings Stefan Brüggemann’s Hyper-Palimpsest and On...


Galerie von Vertes – 2021 Catalogue, online version

Dear collectors, dear friends of the gallery,

We are pleased to present to you our 2021 catalogue that includes a colourful selection of paintings, sculptures and works on paper. We invite you on an...


Theatrum Mundi - Dinosaur hunting: the new art frontier

One of the main activities of Theatrum Mundi gallery is to find the rarest and most uncommon objects in the world.

Part of this search is devoted to the masterpieces of nature, where a special place is...


Bailly Gallery | The Story Behind: La Poupée | Pablo Picasso

Imagine Pablo Picasso creates an artwork especially for you. Imagine that this great artist of the 20th century gifted you this artwork? What would your reaction be…?

Take a look at the short video...

Mask - Dan Mano, Liberia 19th century - Wood, metal, pigments - H. 21 cm


Serge Schoffel - Art Premier - new catalogue of 25 acquisitions

Serge Schoffel - Art Premier Gallery is happy to present its new catalogue of 25 acquisitions, a fine selection of artworks from Mesoame.rica, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and the Bering Strait,...


Galerie Cazeau - Surréalisme, Expressionnisme, Abstraction - 12.03 > 16.04.2021

Jean-François Cazeau has the pleasure
to invite you to visit
the new hanging of the gallery..

Gérard Schneider
Lyric Composition 1975
Acrylic on canvas - 100 x 81 cm

Click here to see ...


Berko Fine Paintings - Georges Jules Victor Clairin, the Orientalist that loved Morocco

The painting represents a Moroccan fantasia by foot which was quite rare since most fantasias were on horseback where the horses would race from one side to the other of the square.

Here, they are replaced...


Finch and Co's website has a new page: Private Collections

We have recently created a new page on our website: 'Private Collections'

This page will be used for showing private collections which Finch and Co have acquired. Each collection will be shown in its...


Lancz Gallery - Exposition 'Epurement' - Oeuvres sur papier de Réne Guiette - 19.03 > 22.05.2021

La première exposition de l’année à la Lancz Gallery sera dédiée à l’artiste belge René Guiette, du 19 mars au 22 mai inclus.

À partir des...

Jan Brueghel II (the Younger), (Antwerp, 1601-1678), Diana and her Nymphs spied upon by Satyrs, oil on panel, 73.5 x 104 cm


Klaas Muller - A selection of new artworks

Since BRAFA, we have gathered some new artworks. Amongst them, a beautiful painting by Jan Brueghel the Younger, a mythological scene by Victor Wolfvoet (inspired on a painting by Rubens),...

René Heyvaert


C L E A R I N G - René Heyvaert. Luckily I came from the right - 04.03 > 17.04.2021

Heureusement qu’il venait de la gauche.

Mais qui est René Heyvaert au fond ? Est-il vraiment l’homme dont tout le monde parle avec tant d’assurance? Ceux qui l’ont connu,...

Jean Antoine LINCK (1766-1843) Vue de Genève avec le Salève et le Mont Blanc


Galerie Grand-Rue. Marie-Laure Rondeau - Nouvel accrochage

Découvrez le nouvel accrochage visible à la galerie.

Jean Antoine LINCK (1766-1843)
Vue de Genève avec le Salève et le Mont Blanc
Gouache sur trait de crayon sur papier...


La Patinoire Royale - Trong Gia Nguyen - Anthology for Beginners - 04.03 > 17.04.2021

Library is a series in which the artist writes singular chapters or the complete text of various literary works, word for word, on individual grains of rice. Housed in etched acrylic cases that mimic old...


La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach - Lucy + Jorge Orta – Masking - 05.03 > 24.04.2021

The artist couple Lucy + Jorge Orta returns to La Patinoire Royale / Galerie Valérie Bach, after a creative artistic hibernation due to COVID-19, through the surprising presentation of a new series of...


La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach - Francis Dusépulchre | Le Langage des Ombres - 05.03 > 24.04.2021

Faithful to its tropism towards Belgian art, the Patinoire Royale / Galerie Valérie Bach is proud to present, in the form of a first solo exhibition, the very fine and subtle work of Francis...


Baronian-Xippas – ‘Maxime’s obsessie’, a novel by Robert Devriendt

In the foothills of a wild forest stand two old caravans and a dilapidated forest hut. There Maxime has withdrawn himself, far away from the art world. He does not paint anymore, but he remains faithful to...

KUPKA, Autour d'un point, 1920-1925, Gouache, watercolor and pencil on paper. Copyright © 2021, Galerie de la Béraudière, All rights reserved.


Galerie de la Béraudière – Online exhibition COLORS

Color has taken hold of me; I no longer need to look for it [...]. Color and I are now one."
Paul Klee

Color, that radiant energy converted by our retina, is one of the permanent subjects of research...


Galerie BA - Henri Michaux, Retour de Chine - 04.03 > 17.04.2021

...Qui n’a voulu un jour saisir plus, saisir mieux, saisir autrement, et les êtres et les choses, pas avec des mots, ni avec des phonèmes, ni avec des onomatopées, mais avec des...


Maison Rapin - new selection at the gallery

With two gallery spaces in Paris, Maison Rapin offers an exceptional selection of 20th and 21st century decorative art and design, combining rare pieces by Italian and Belgian artists with exclusive...

Jef Verheyen


Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Jef Verheyen 1955-1962 Antwerp-Düsseldorf-Milan > 01.05.2021

This presentation presents a wide selection of early works by Jef Verheyen and his international friends. The late 1950's and early 1960's marks an exciting period for the avant-garde art scene in...

The ‘Elvis’ Acroterion, Roman, 2nd century A.D., Marble, H 33.5 cm


David Aaron - 2021 catalogue

2021 catalogue
available to view online now
View Catalogue

Virtual appointments available please contact
Tel: +44 (0)207 491 95 88

Mario Pinzoni (1927-1993) for Seguso vetri d'arte, Murano, 1968


Marc Heiremans' selection for BRAFA in the Galleries

Discover the catalogue click to view
Teaser video (click to view)

See you in the gallery,
Graaf van Egmontstraat 1
2000 Antwerpen - Belgium

Thursday 28.01 - Sunday 31.01

m. +32 (0)478 28 03 ...


Didier Claes - catalogue IBEJI for 'BRAFA in the Galleries'

Discover the catalogue here.



For the 'BRAFA in the Galleries' initiative, Gallery BA from Paris has published a new catalogue:

Flip through it here!


Osborne Samuel – Celebrating 800 Years of Spirit & Endeavour at Salisbury Cathedral > 18.04.2021

Osborne Samuel contributed to this major exhibition curated by Jacquiline Creswell, the cathedral’s visual arts adviser, to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of Salisbury Cathedral....