23 - 30 JANUARY 2022



23 JAN - 30 JAN | 2022




Let’s us share and discover the latest news, interviews, videos and more, from our exhibitors.


Baronian-Xippas Knokke - Gilbert & George - Thirteen earthly pictures - 07.08 > 03.10.2021

Baronian Xippas is delighted to announce Thirteen Earthly Pictures, the forthcoming solo show of Gilbert & George in Knokke with a brand new series of works exclusively designed for the exhibition....


Galerie Sismann - Summer catalogue - The Embriachi workshop : de bois et d’os

To accompany you this summer, Galerie Sismann offers you an immersion in the domestic intimacy of the elites of the end of the Middle Ages to discover the refined works of the Embriachi workshop.



Stern Pissarro Gallery - Online exhibition: ‘Think blue’

Our online-only exhibition 'Think Blue' showcases a selection of works where blue features as the predominant colour. Blue has carried a variety of associations throughout art history. The colour...


Brame & Lorenceau I Un mois avec un artiste I Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894), impressionniste et moderne

La Fondation Gianadda à Martigny propose actuellement jusqu'au 21 novembre 2021 l’exposition ”Gustave Caillebotte - Impressionniste et moderne. Dans le cadre de notre...


Finch & Co Summer 2021 catalogue - 'Antique Pleasure Augustan Treasure'

Our new catalogue number 36 ‘Antique Pleasure Augustan Treasure’ is now online and can be viewed here.


We look forward to welcoming your enquiries !

Craig and Jan

Finch and Co

Lets' Get Out Festival - Jean-Michel Folon


Francis Maere Fine Arts - Festival Let's get out > 15.07 - 17.10.2021

Le Festival des Arts Let's Get Out est organisé par la galerie Francis Maere Fine Arts à la Ferme « Goed te Reables » et au Château d’Ooidonk du 15 ...


Callisto Fine Arts - Object in Focus: Josephine Baker, by Cornelio Geranzani

Dear friends of Callisto Fine Arts,

Today, we would like to present you the fourth work chosen for our Object in Focus project, aiming at shedding new light on some of the works in our gallery.



Gokelaere & Robinson - Alvar Aalto and the Enso Gutzeit headquarters

The Enso Gutzeit Headquarters is one of Alvar Aalto’s most notable and controversial works as it stands out from the neoclassical architecture of the center of Helsinki. Essentially appearing as a white...


Huberty & Breyne Gallery – Summer exhibitions : François AVRIL (Paris) & Milo MANARA (Brussels) - > 28.08.2021

In Paris: Francois AVRIL - Bretagne

The last time that François Avril exhibited in Paris was in 2017. Until 28 August 2021, Avril will be back at the Huberty & Breyne Gallery with a selection of...


Axel Vervoordt Gallery – Explore Exhibitions Online

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to share a selection of current videos that offer personal tours and insightful narratives of our recent exhibitions in Hong Kong and Kanaal.

Angel Vergara
Les Belles...


Galerie Hioco - Object of the Month - A Pāla Buddha full of majesty

Here is a piece in which all the strength and harmony of Pāla art join together. We love the polished and waxed character of the body, contrasting with the lighter, rougher stone around it.  What strikes...


Axel Vervoordt Gallery - Michel Mouffe. Nebel - 19.06 > 04.09.2021

'That morning on the cliff, a moment of horizon disappears in the thickness of the fog. A memory emerges that the truth remains a visible gleam despite the densest mist. This reminiscence illuminates more...


La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach - Marion Charlet - 26.06 > 04.09.2021

Marion CHARLET returns to the Patinoire Royale - Galerie Valérie Bach with a summer display, presenting a new series which could be called "Images of a floating world" to paraphrase the...

Rosenberg & Co. - Installation view, left to right Perle Fine, Irene Rice-Pereira, Sonja Sekula


Rosenberg & Co. - A Future We Begin to Feel. Women Artists 1921-1971 - Peggy Guggenheim's "31 Women"

Our current exhibition A Future We Begin to Feel: Women Artists 1921–1971 (05.06 > 20.08.2021) highlights modernist women artists working from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism. The...


Maison Rapin – Serkan Cura

MAISON RAPIN est heureuse de vous présenter la dernière création de l'artiste plumassier Serkan Cura:

Serkan Cura
Triptyque en Plumes

Ce triptyque est réalisé ...


Berko Fine Paintings - Jean Le Mayeur

Jean Le Mayeur

Luminist and realist painter of landscapes, still lifes, figures and exotic outdoor scenes with figures and nudes.

Jean Le Mayeur was the son of the seascape painter Adrien Le Mayeur de...

Sonja Sekula, Air, 1956, opaque paint and ink on paper, 18.3 x 26.2 in.


Rosenberg & Co. - a Future We Begin to Feel. Women Artists 1921-1971 - 05.06 > 20.08.2021

Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present the new exhibition A Future We Begin to Feel. Women Artists 1921–1971
In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Linda Nochlin’s foundational ...


Rosenberg & Co. - Dorothy Dehner: Chess Set - 15.05 > 20.08.2021

“I was never taught sculpture at all; nobody told me anything. I didn’t need it. The minute I had [the wax] in my hands, I knew what to do.”
—Dorothy Dehner* 


Galerie Von Vertes – Monet | Richter – Landscapes

Dear collectors,
dear friends of the gallery,

Galerie von Vertes is proud to present to you our newest catalogue and accompanying exhibition: Monet | Richter – Landscapes.

Parallel to...


RÖBBIG NEWS IV – 2021 · The Art of Reverse Glass Painting

Dear clients and friends!

As already announced in our previous newsletter, this time we would like to take you on a journey into the world of lightly coloured reverse glass paintings. We hope that you will...


DIE GALERIE - Herbert Mehler | Growth - Body – Space – Exhibitions at the Goethe University and at the gallery

“It is important to me that everything – from the idea to the finished sculpture – remains in my hand.
Only then can I take the steel to its limits, respectfully accepting the realities of...

Paolo Venini - 'Incisi' vase - 1955


Marc Heiremans - SPRING CATALOGUE 2021

Spring has always been associated with renewal and a fresh start.
We are looking forward to meeting all of you again in person, either at the gallery or in an international fair.
In anticipation we...


Hélène Greiner - Tribute to a great Lady of the Arts

Hélène Greiner - Tribute to a great Lady of the Arts
Yesterday we learnt with great sadness of the passing of the Parisian antiques dealer Hélène Greiner, who...


Rosenberg & Co. - Dorothy Dehner - 15.05 > 20.08.2021

The exhibition highlights Dorothy Dehner's watercolors and sculptures from the 1950s, a decade in which the artist actualized her unique form of abstraction, gained critical recognition and...


Galerie Taménaga - Un demi-siècle de passion - Inauguration : galerie de Kyoto

Un demi-siècle de passion 

Il y a 50 ans s’installait à Paris la Galerie Taménaga, la plus importante du Japon. En cette année 2021, nous sommes heureux de...


Brame & Lorenceau I Alfred Sisley - Catalogue critique des peintures et des pastels

La Galerie Brame & Lorenceau est heureuse d'annoncer la publication de

Alfred Sisley

Catalogue critique des
peintures et des pastels

par Sylvie Brame et François Lorenceau

Introduction de...


Baronian Xippas - Gilbert & George. Thirteen Earthly Pictures - 07.08 > 03.10.2021

Baronian Xippas is pleased to welcome you to discover 13 new works by the British artist duo Gilbert & George in their solo show at Baronian Xippas Knokke.
The opening will take place on August 7th from 4...