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Galerie Ary Jan - Goudji at BRAFA 2024

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A specialist in 19th and early 20th century painting, Mathias Ary Jan is also guided by his own personal interests. In particular, he has been fascinated by the work of Goudji for many years, and during Brafa he will be offering around ten pieces by the artist, who will be celebrating 50 years of life and career in France in 2024. The silversmith delights us with his creations, which are full of poetry, deeply inspired and inspiring. Combining precious metals such as gold and silver with pyrite or cornelian stones, lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl, rock crystal or ebony, the artist has fashioned a whole world of everyday and decorative objects and jewellery over the years, as well as spectacular academician's swords and numerous cult objects.
BRAFA 2024 - Galerie Ary Jan - Goudji à la BRAFA