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Romigioli Antichità Highlights for BRAFA 2024

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Romigioli Antichità, a historic Milanese gallery specialised in Haute Epoque managed by brothers Giovanni and Valerio, has chosen Brafa, Europe's oldest art exhibition, as its first event outside Italy. It will feature the best works to represent Italy in the historical periods that best represent it: from medieval paintings with a gold background with works by Lorenzo di Bicci and the Master of Teplice; to Mannerist painting by Francesco di Girolamo di Pace, an artist originally from Prato and a pupil of Salviati in Florence. There will also be Renaissance and Baroque sculpture with the beautiful Carrara marble Cherubs by Giovanni Baratta from the Church of Santo Spirito in Florence. Baroque furniture and still life, classical subjects for the gallery, will represent the elegance of 17th century patrician homes. All the works have been selected and studied by top specialists and come exclusively from private collections.
BRAFA 2024 - Romigioli Antichità - Highlights