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Univers du Bronze – Press Release

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We have selected several masterpieces that offer an overview of sculpture history issue in the 19th and 20th centuries, with iconic models. Modernity will be promoted thanks to two incredible animals by F. X. Lalanne, a Carpe d’or and above all a very rare marble Chat from the original limited edition. The unmissable animalier, François Pompon, will be represented with a Grue couronnée au repos, a true line master jewel. Smooth forms will be used for the new models of sealife animals by Umberto, the elegance of a dancing squid, Knossos and the running-like Méduse. 19th century animaliers will also be there with the exceptional painting by Barye, the Jaguar marchant. A masterpiece by its history and aesthetic. The canvas was included in the after-death sale of Barye, purchased there by Hector Brame, then Ferdinand Barbedienne, before Durand Ruel, who sold it only three days after to Mr and Mrs Potter-Palmer, one of the most powerful collector couple of the time, who contribute to the foundation of the Impressionnist department of the Art Institute of Chicago. Several impressive labels behind the frame of the painting: Art Institute of Chicago; Saginaw Museum; Cleveland Museum of Art. Human figures will be embodied by a polychrom stoneware, probably unique by Sarah Bernhardt depicting a Young Mars, a plaster bust of Victor Hugo by David d’Angers or a very rare lifetime cast of the reduction of the Ugolin by Carpeaux…
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