The Loan of Artworks: the cornerstone of cultural exchange


Round table composed by Eeckman Art & Insurance. Panel discussion with art market specialists led by Corinne Boulangier (Corporate Innovation Manager at RTBF). With the participation of Nicolas Lemmens (Director, Nicolas Lemmens Studio), Edward Mitterrand (Art Advisor, Cramer Mitterrand Art Advisory), Jérôme Merz (General Manager, Art Shippers), Michel Draguet (Director, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium) and Eric Hemeleers (Chief Executive Officer at Eeckman Art & Insurance).

The lending of works of art by individuals to institutions, or even between institutions, plays an essential role. It must be recognised that lending one’s artworks can be a source of concern and questioning for the collector. On the one hand, the artwork literally enters a circuit which the owner no longer controls and on the other hand, significant trust is invested in the borrower, in a context which is often marked by strong emotions. Each of the stakeholders has a role to play to ensure that everything goes smoothly from the moment that the work is loaned… During this panel discussion, you will be presented with the different steps and points of vigilance to take into account so that both lender and borrower can interact and commit with confidence.

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Talk given in: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°115