200 years of Egyptology (1822-2022). A retrospective of the Belgian contribution...


By Dr. Luc Limme, Director of the Queen Elisabeth Egyptological Society

Two hundred years of Egyptology (1822-2022). A retrospective of the Belgian contribution to the study of Ancient Egyptian culture.
Egyptology owes its origins to Jean-François Champollion’s deciphering of hieroglyphic writing in 1822. In the first decades following this important discovery, there was a strong interest in ancient Egyptian culture in Belgium, but it was not until Jean Capart (1877-1947), rightly considered to be the founder of Belgian Egyptology, that a real breakthrough took place in scientific research. Under his leadership and by means of the studies by generations of Egyptologists after him, our country has acquired a solid international reputation in this field.

Talk given in: Dutch
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