Galerie Christophe Hioco – Object of the month - A monumental Gandhāran head


Object of the Month
A monumental Gandhāran head

Dear friends, dear collectors,
At first, this face surprised us, and then it impressed us a lot. First of all because of its size: a stucco sculpture of such dimensions (36 cm wide), that is absolutely remarkable! We then enjoyed looking at it more closely and admired the exceptional quality of the rendering of its features, of the modelling of its forms, all leading to a stunning expressiveness.


What is it about?
This head is most likely that of a door guardian (Dvārapāla) whose function was to protect an entrance to a monastery. Made of stucco that was once entirely polychrome, it is a formidable example of the use of this material in Gandhāra, between the 3rd and 5th centuries.
Discover this Guardian:
Many images and our explanations can be downloaded by clicking here.
A short video, purely visual, to share our enthusiasm:
Particularly expressive, you have to look closely at this face and appreciate its very sensitive modelling!
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