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Galerie Von Vertes – Monet | Richter – Landscapes


Dear collectors,
dear friends of the gallery,

Galerie von Vertes is proud to present to you our newest catalogue and accompanying exhibition: Monet | Richter – Landscapes.

Parallel to the Gerhard Richter Landscape exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich, we are exploring the genre in the oeuvres of two of the most influential landscape painters of the 19th and 20th century: Claude Monet and Gerhard Richter. We dive into one of the oldest genres in art history which execution was an immediate reflection of the zeitgeist and cultural perception of the landscape of its makers.

At first glance, the analogies between the landscapes of Claude Monet and Gerhard Richter could not be more different. If we take a closer look at both painters’ questioning attitudes, their lyrical brushwork, and their bold experiments that challenged the traditional genre of the landscape, we see that there are many more similarities than initially thought. Born almost a century apart, Monet and Richter both engaged the landscape as their primary model, exploring the possibilities of painting in two ages in which the mechanic reproduction of images flooded their audiences.

Both artists opened up new ways of seeing whilst fending off a general crisis in painting in which the legitimacy of the medium was being questioned profoundly. Monet said about his unrelenting painterly search: “I’m never finished with my paintings; the further I get, the more I seek the impossible and the more powerless I feel." For both painters, the act of creation was and is a lifelong search. Never stopping, always doubting themselves, and painting relentlessly.

My team and I wish you lots of joy in discovering and browsing through our catalogue and are delighted to answer all of your questions regarding provenance, price, and condition.
Warm regards,

Laszlo von Vertes & Team

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