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Huberty & Breyne - exhibition Philippe Geluck : Le Chat à Matignon - 26.03 > 05.06.2021


On Friday 26 March 2021, the City of Paris will be inaugurating an open-air exhibition of twenty giant bronze sculptures of  Philippe Geluck's "Cat" on the Champs-Élysées.
Geluck's famous cat will be taking up residence on the world's most beautiful avenue, where it will remain until 9 June 2021, before embarking on a grand tour of France and Europe.
Finally ending up in Brussels, the exhibition will be installed in the city's Parc Royal, to coincide with the inauguration of the Musée du Chat et du Dessin d’Humour in 2024.
Each of these 2.7m-high sculptures shows the Cat in a different - humorous, poetic, crazy - guise. "With these twenty sculptures, I'm hoping to bring the public some laughter and some fun and a touch of that poetic surrealism which we Belgians rather like," Philippe Geluck reveals.

To coincide with the exhibition, Huberty & Breyne will be offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a behind-the-scenes experience of this epic artistic adventure.
From 26 March to 5 June, its gallery in the avenue Matignon will be showing the preparatory sketches underpinning the creation of these sculptures, in addition to a number of original-format bronzes.
The exhibition will also feature large-format paintings and drawings, as well as multiple works that pay homage to the great names in the history of art.

"It was looking again at images from the Botero exhibition on the Champs-Élysées (1992) that made me think the Cat would like it there too. Botero's figures are rotund and the Cat is also pretty well padded. Fernando's sculptures are bronze, as are mine. And, finally, the Colombian artist just started sculpting one day and I did the same thing," explains Philippe Geluck.

Philippe Geluck is known for his Cat drawings, but less so for his sculptures. "I have been making them for 25 years, but infrequently," he reveals. "I made a three-dimensional Cat for the first time in 1988, using clay. The clay was moulded and a wax model made from it, then a bronze," he recalls.

Geluck remembers how this ambitious new project came about: "I got the idea in March 2018 during a working session on the project for the Musée du Chat et du Dessin d'Humour (which will be opening its doors in Brussels in 2024)," he says. "What if I sent the Cat on a walkabout during that time, I wondered? The team seemed to like the suggestion and we set to work."

The inauguration of the exhibition in the Huberty & Breyne Gallery and the installation on the Champs Élysées - both delayed due to lockdown - will take place on Thursday 25 March and Friday 26 March, respectively, in the presence of the artist.

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