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23 JAN - 30 JAN | 2022



Serge Schoffel - Art Premier - new catalogue of 25 acquisitions


Serge Schoffel - Art Premier Gallery is happy to present its new catalogue of 25 acquisitions, a fine selection of artworks from Mesoame.rica, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and the Bering Strait,  unseen for the most part

Among this selection, are a remarkable Teotihuacan mask and a rare Zapotec urn from Mexico, a stunning Adu Zatua ancestor figure from Nias Island in Indonesia, an important Dan-Mano mask from Liberia, as well as a significant ceremonial paddle from Buka, collected in the Solomon Islands in the late 19th century by the Swedish ethnographer Hjalmar Stolpe.
Female anthropomorphic urn
           Zapotec Culture - Monte Albán, Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico 
Classic era, 500 - 900 A.D. 
Grey terracotta - H. 21.5 cm x W. 14.5 cm        

           Adu zatua ancestor figure              
Northern Nias, Indonesia   
19th century   
 Wood - H. 42.5 cm    
Dan Mano, Liberia     
19th century 
Wood, metal, pigments - H. 21 cm 

Flip through the online catalogue here or download it in PDF format at this link.
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