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La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach - Lucy + Jorge Orta – Masking - prolongation > 08.05.2021


The artist couple Lucy + Jorge Orta returns to La Patinoire Royale / Galerie Valérie Bach, after a creative artistic hibernation due to COVID-19, through the surprising presentation of a new series of glass masks made at Berengo Studio in Murano, all designed by Lucy, while she was confined in her Parisian home-studio, during the first confinement a year ago.

Picture: Francesco Allegretto, Berengo Studio © Lucy + Jorge Orta, Adagp, Paris 2021

In this exhibition Lucy Orta brings to life the mask drawings started in response to the confinement due to COVID-19.

The drawing was an antidote, a way to overcome the anxiety caused by the pandemic. For many years, Lucy has archived images of masks from a wide spectrum of cultures and rituals. Taking advantage of this intense period of questioning and closer observation of the characteristics, she began by extracting the striking features to recompose drawings of new masks with infinite variations. These hybrid objects connect us across continents and cultures, rooted in ancient rituals and belief systems.

Thanks to the invitation of Studio Berengo, Lucy was able to give shape to her drawings in the glass furnaces of Murano. Using the medium of glass to express the duality of transparency and opacity, two densities that underline the concept of masking. Concealing and revealing at the same time, expressing an inner identity, a mask as a metaphor for the transformation of material reality into spiritual essence.

Some selected works:

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